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Why Online CRM: 4 Key Benefits

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Take your customer relationships online.

A web based CRM-system is a preferred Customer Relationship Management tool among companies of all sizes. There are many reasons for its ever-increasing popularity. Some of these reasons are better data management, reduced operating costs, smoother system integration, faster and simpler learning process. Today, we will look at how a web based customer relationship management tool helps provide a seamless flow on information within the company.

Provides centralized access to all data

Data is only helpful when it is easily accessible. For any company, it is important to have a location to store information that can be easily accessed by any department at any time. Web based customer relationship management tools make this easier for companies by storing data at one location. The administrator can then dictate the rights for every employee and can assign read-only or modification rights thus protecting the data while ensuring everybody in the company visits the same location to read and interpret the data.

Provides up-to-date data

For a sales person or a person analyzing data, it becomes important to have the most up-to-date information. If the task of updating the information is dependent on an individual, there is a high chance that the data will not be up to date. Web based customer relationship management tools remove this roadblock completely. A web based CRM-system offers modules that will keep analyzing the data and highlight any data, which is missing or duplicated. Web based customer relationship management tools will keep refreshing the data so that the information on display is the latest information available.

Removes the hassle of manual tasks

In a traditional on-site CRM-system, when data moves from one department to another, there are a lot of manual tasks which have to be done by the receiving department. For example, if a client places an order for a bill, in a traditional CRM-system, there is no control on how soon the data will be transferred and if it will be accurate enough. In contrast, web based customer relationship management tools will ensure that as soon as the order is placed, it is relayed immediately to the concerned department. It will also help track the status of the order so that there is no delay in the delivery of the same.

Provides better management of potential customers

New customers can approach a company from various sources. It becomes important that information from all sources is managed properly. Web based customer relationship management tools can help companies by ensuring that information about new customers is collated at one place and then allocated to the relevant sales team. This method allows the sales team to have consolidated information on new customers and helps the management track the status and conversion rate for every sales person.

Hence, as you can see, web based customer relationship management tools are extremely valuable when it comes to collaboration of data in a company.

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