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Using Digital Signs to Increase Sales In-Store: 10 Questions to Ask

Using Digital Signs to Increase Sales In-Store: 10 Questions to Ask

Technology can help your products sell themselves but you should be sure you're ready for the implementation

Having digital signage in your store is like having a professional salesman for each one of your products. And while store employees actually have to speak to a customer to get them to buy something, signage can sell something without any communication needed. However, there are always going to be problems when you are implementing a new piece of advertising, so a bit of planning in the design stage is going to save you a lot of money down the road. Here are the 10 most important things to consider about getting a digital signage for your store.

How Are You Going to Develop Content?

There is really no point in installing a digital signage system, particularly if it will go live in multiple stores, if you are not prepared to invest in developing some very interesting and catchy content. And if you think that the signage system is expensive, just wait until you see the ongoing bills for content. That doesn’t mean that that getting the system is not worth every penny, but you have to plan very carefully when it comes to the content so you get your money’s worth out of every piece you pay for.

How Are You Going to Deliver Content?

If you are going to use a high definition digital signage system, which is really the only way to go these days, you are also going to need to think about how you are going to deliver all that digital data to your stores. Obviously, the best solution is to have everything delivered via an internal network. But do you have that network set up in place and can it handle the massive data transmission? Make sure you have something all ready to go before you start designing content.

Is One Content Feed Going to Be Enough?

The actual answer to that question is “no”. If you are going to implement a digital signage across several stores, you want to set up the content feed in such a way that the regional store managers get a say on what comes up next on the system. And even in a single store system things change from day to day, prices drop, products need to be moved, so to establish a personal connection with the clients, personal tweaks on the content that’s coming up are necessary.

Where Are You Going to Set It Up?

Just like with the positioning of the store, the location of a digital signage system is crucial in getting the most out of it. I once saw this McDonald’s that had a beautiful LCD system and they had set it up in the hallway going to the bathroom. Granted, it was the only place where it would not get hit by the harmful rays of the sun, but if nobody is ever going to see it for more than a nanosecond as they pass by it, then what point is there in buying the system in the first place?

How Difficult Is It to Make Slight Changes?

Even the best planning will turn up flawed from time to time and being able to make changes on the go is really important. We are not talking about actually changing content here, but we are talking about smaller things, like changing the order of the images in the slideshow. Or what if just one of your stores has had to make a price change because a product was not moving at all? It’s essential to have a campaign that is customizable.

How Are You Going to Know If the System Is Worth It?

It is actually very important to know if the investment is working. You need to set up a system to see if your digital signage system is engaging the customers. Ideally, you should have a system that is so finely tuned that you can actually tell which products are being purchased because of the system.

Get Some of the Big Boys in to Play!

Selling space on your store’s digital signage system is just like selling space on your stores’ shelves and the big manufacturers know just how important getting their product in front of the customer really is. For that reason you can negotiate better prices with them based on how much time they get on the digital signage.

Can You Prove That the System is Working?

Every manufacturer knows that they need to be set up in such a way that everyone in the store will know about their product. However, it can be very difficult for them to know how much they should invest in having their product on your advertisement platforms. So if you can manage to monitor their product and the people’s reaction to the signage, you might be able to get them to open up their wallets more.

Think Outside the Box

Just because every store out there promotes products on their digital signage system doesn’t mean that’s the only thing you can do with it. There are employee’s trainings that can be done in the off hours of the store. You can even display discrete ads for your employees if and when they are needed.

Think Before You Scale

I’ve touched on this a bit before but it is very important to know that what works in one store may not work in another. So when you decide to implement implementing the system in every store in your network, remember that not everything that is profitable for one business location is going to work in another.

The point is not that there is an overwhelming list of things to consider before implementing a digital signage system. Careful considerations in the planning phase will save you loads of money and time down the road. So go through this list several times and make sure that you have a solution for any problem that might arise.

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