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Why Top Quality Backlinks Mean So Much When Optimizing Your Website


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When creating a backlinking strategy for your new website, quality is important. Many people think that they simply need as many backlinks as possible to help boost their site’s rankings when this simply isn’t the case. Actually, using a cheap backlinking strategy can severely harm your site’s chances of achieving a high rank in Google and other search engines. We’re going to look at why quality backlinks are so important when optimizing your website for search engines.

Why is quality so important?

Google doesn’t just look for quantity when deciding how to rank your site. If you’ve ever wondered why results with 2,000 backlinks sit alongside those with 20,000 in the rankings, then you’ll know that other factors are also important. Google looks at a number of things when deciding how relevant your site is for a particular keyword. You’re probably well aware of things like on-page SEO and keyword relevancy. But Google also wants sites that are deemed “important” by the rest of the internet, and that’s why it wants to see quality backlinks.

What makes one link better than another?

If you’re competing for a particular keyword, most search engines want to see relevant incoming links. It’s all very well getting traffic or backlinks from generic article sites or link exchanges, but if authorities in your niche are linking to your site, that’s going to mean a lot more. One of the main measures of site importance is PageRank. Your backlinks will be worth a lot more if they’re coming from high PR sites. Whilst it might be unrealistic to try and get links from PR9 or PR10 sites, it’s not impossible to get some from PR4 or PR5 websites and blogs. Even links from PR2 sites are better than those from un-established PR0 ones.

Search engines want to see natural backlinks

One of the biggest warning signs for a search engine is when a site seems to grow too fast. If you suddenly get ten thousand backlinks overnight, something isn’t going to look right. The reality is that a cheap backlinking service which offers thousands of links for only a few dollars could actually harm your website’s ranking. Google can penalise sites that look like they’ve used spammy or unnatural backlinking strategies, and it can be hard to recover your ranking.

This doesn’t mean that all backlinking services should be avoided, but you need to be careful when picking the right one. Quality backlinks should be gathered naturally and over a longer period of time, not in one or two days. If something looks to good to be true, then it probably is. You need to avoid cheap backlinking services that offer tons of worthless links. Good backlinks take time and effort to get, but they can be worth so much more to your website.

Far too many people choose to rely on cheap backlink services when they can sometimes do more harm than good to your site’s rankings. Focussing on quality, authoritative links is really the best way to run a backlinking strategy.

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