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Top 3 International Trade Shows In The World

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Trade shows are not exactly a dime a dozen, but there are still plenty out there. Some are good, some are great, some are mind-blowingly amazing, and some are an utter waste of time. No matter what your industry, you need to carefully consider which shows you want to attend, so that you get good value for your money and so that you don’t waste your time.

We look at three of the best trade shows in the world, as rated by the experts.

1)     International Consumer Electronics Show (CES)

According to TSNN (Trade Show News Network) the International CES is the number one trade show in the US, but it’s also a favourite around the world. Even non-techie people get a kick out of seeing all the latest and greatest emerging technology that manufacturers hope will become indispensible to our everyday lives. The CES, which has been going since 1967, is held at the beginning of the year in Las Vegas, Nevada and attracts thousands of exhibitors from some of the biggest manufacturers in the world, not to mention hundreds of thousands of visitors.

There are 15 product categories, including automotive electronics, computer hardware and software, digital health and fitness, emerging technology, lifestyle electronics, telecommunications/infrastructure, and wireless and wireless devices. Some of the most exciting and revolutionary products that first made their mark at the show include the VCR, CD, DVD, Blu-Ray DVD, HD TV, Plasma TV, 3d HD TV, Xbox, various Android devices, and driverless car technology.

The 2014 International CES will be held from the 7th to the 10th of January. It promises to be even bigger and better than ever.

2)     DreamHack

According to Steve Seymour, DreamHack is one of the top five trade shows in the world. It’s considered the biggest international computer and gaming trade show and is held over four days twice a year (once in summer and once in winter) at the Elmia Exhibition and Convention Centre in Jönköping, Sweden. According to Wikipedia, it holds the world record for the world’s biggest LAN party and computer festival. Interestingly, the winter show attracts more visitors than the summer show, but in terms of quality, they both deliver outstanding results.

Again, according to Wikipedia, DreamHack comprises five parts:

  • The festival, which is where visitors can plug into the fastest internet connection in the world and zone out in surfing/online gaming bliss. There are sleeping halls for those who can’t keep their eyes open but who can’t bear to be away from the action either.
  • Gaming competitions, where professional gamers make use of over 100 video streams to play for significant financial prizes. Games are streamed online for viewing pleasure, and some a screened by Swedish national TV.
  • Digital arts competitions, where artists can showcase their latest creations in digital photography, digital music, digital 3D models, digital animations, and digital movies. Basically, if it’s creative, artistic and digital, it’s eligible.
  • Live concerts, which are held every evening.
  • The expo, which is where you’ll see emerging computer and gaming technologies and innovations from established industry players and newbies keen to make their mark. In addition to the numerous exciting stands, the expo also features lectures and seminars.

3)     Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair

According to BizTradeShows.com, the Hong Kong Toys and Games Fair is one of the top 100 trade shows in the world. It’s organised by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) and is held each year at the Hong Kong Exhibition and Conference Centre. It’s is the largest event of its kind in Asia. Exhibition categories include candy toys, educational toys and games, electronic and remote control toys, hobby goods, outdoor and sporting items, soft toys and dolls, vehicles, mechanical toys and action figures, and video games.

It will be celebrating its 40th anniversary in 2014. In 2013, the fair attracted exhibitors from 41 countries, and buyers from 126 countries. It hopes to better this in 2014. To help it achieve this aim, it will introduce two new zones: Smart-tech Toys for all things digital and mobile, and Therapy Toys and Silver Generation Toys because you’re never too old or too ill to have fun.

While you’re there, you can pop into three other major exhibitions that will be held concurrently in 2014: Hong Kong International Stationery Fair, HKTDC Hong Kong International Licensing Show, and HKTDC Hong Kong Baby Products Fair.

These are just three of hundreds of quality trade shows and fairs held throughout the world each year. No matter what your business or your personal interests, there is a show for you. All you have to do is start saving your money so that you can enjoy the ultimate expo experience.

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Jemima Winslow loves trade shows, especially book fairs, but she’s not discriminating. The more gadgets, the more books, the more toys the better. 

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