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The 3 Fastest Ways to Ruin Business Relationships

The 3 Fastest Ways to Ruin Business Relationships - Flying Bricks

Don't demolish your relationships

A surefire way to make your business grow is to build good and solid business contacts and relationships. Through this manner, you do not only link yourself to link-minded individuals but you could also be creating ties that could lead you to more potential clients and contacts. However, a common error among businessmen is that they fail to nurture these contacts. In fact, some are even guilty of doing certain things that can really jeopardize the partnership.

Avoid making those errors by being aware of what the most common mistakes in business relationships are. When you’ve learned to watch out for these behaviors, then you’ll have lesser chances of ruining your present business relationships!


A mark of a great person is the ability to be able to keep his promises. If you apply the same standard to your business then you will earn a reputation of being dependable and trustworthy. However, one of the fastest ways to ruin a business relationship is to overpromise or overcommit to something, and then under deliver, or not deliver at all! Of course, acts like these can make for really angry and disappointed business partners who may feel like it is not worth to continue a business relationship with you anymore.

Trying to change the other guy

We all have ideas on how to run things and how to make things better, and while it is okay to throw out a suggestion every once in a while, it is certainly not okay to shove your opinions and ideas down someone else’s throat. Be it a client, or a business partner, no one appreciates being told (rather rudely too) that their ways are wrong and yours are right. These people have gotten to where they are for a reason, and even if you disagree with how they do things, you have to at least show a little respect and consideration for it. The last thing you want and need is a reputation for being too pushy or aggressive.

Create constant billing mistakes

The bottom line of business is making money. This is probably why you, as well as your client or partner are in it too. There is probably nothing more that ticks off a client and arouses suspicion that billing mistakes. When clients find out that you’re overcharging them, even though this was done in complete error and without malice, a red flag goes up in their heads. They may think you are trying to cheat them, and may consider cutting you out of their life!

Whether you admit it or not, some part of you is already familiar with these things. If you really think about it, a business relationship is so much like a friendship. There are thing that you know if you do, will automatically label you a bad friend. So bottom line, be a good friend and business partner to your client. At the end of the day, the business that will benefit from your good behavior is yours.

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