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Targeting a Diverse Market

Targeting a Diverse Market - Diverse Crowd During Carnaval

The world is mix and medley of different cultures.

Today’s article is courtesy of Kay Marquez of Kohala Ditch Adventures

The world seems to be growing smaller and larger all at the same time. Businesses are required to expand to an ever diversifying market, but sometimes that market is right outside their front doors. How can businesses reach a diverse range of clients both locally and across the world? Learn more about targeting a diverse market in this article.

Learning New Languages

Machine-translating a webpage isn’t enough. Translation tools do not work perfectly, so readers of another language will merely see a poorly translated website. This will not encourage them to stick around. Companies can sponsor programs to help employees achieve levels of fluency in Chinese, Spanish, Japanese and so forth, thereby allowing them to properly communicate with customers who speak a different language.

Modifying Products

Companies should also consider changing their products to reach a larger audience. For example, consider a major producer of snacks that line the aisles of many supermarkets across the country. Lately, eating “natural” and “organic” foods is fashionable. These companies could create some products that appeal to that group of consumer. However, to keep their current customers, it would benefit them to leave some products as they are.

Diverse World Trade of Automobiles Chart

One example: The global market for automobiles will take you around the world

Study Trends

Going along with the idea of creating natural and organic foods is the concept of observing trends. In a large retail chain, employees might note that more men are coming into the store than at any time in the past. Instead of simply stating that sales are up and more customers are coming in, the chain should work to keep the male customers returning. They can distribute surveys to find out what products men would like to see more of in the store, and then they can work on targeting both men and women.

Using Social Media

One of the most popular ways businesses can get the word out about themselves is through social media. They can set up Facebook pages and/or Twitter accounts to keep potential customers aware of sales, promotions and the items that they offer. How exactly does this let people reach a wider customer base? Well, it promotes the items to people in other parts of the country and the world. Instead of just remaining as a local business, people all over can see the goods and services that are offered.

An Online Storefront

If a business is going to use social media, they should also have an online storefront. People love to shop online, so companies should take advantage of that. Even if the company offers a service as opposed to tangible goods, there is still the possibility of generating revenue online. For example, a tutoring center could set up online tutoring using programs such as join.me or Google Docs. Other service providers could establish reciprocal relationships with similar businesses in other parts of the country so that both of the businesses have a better chance of generating more revenue and attracting more clientele.

Expanding a business to attract more clients is really at the heart of the operations. People are diversifying, whether it is by the way that they speak or the way that they access information about their favorite stores. Stay current and up to date on the latest trends, and you can ensure that your business is one that people know about, whether they live in the next town or in another country.

Kay Marquez wrote this article on behalf of http://kohaladitchadventures.com/  –and she understands the value of reaching local and global markets, along with taking a much needed vacation every year!

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