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Should You Buy Industrial Supplies From a Chinese Startup?

Should You Buy Supplies From a Chinese Startup? - China bridge

Be vigilant when crossing this bridge

As production shifts to new centers in China, one result of that shift is the appearance of new lines of products built for consumption on the world market. While multi-national corporations led the way towards opening up new manufacturing facilities in the East, the exposure to foreign manufacturing methods inevitably resulted in many Chinese companies shifting away from making sub-components for foreign-branded products to striking out on their own and producing items under their own label.

New Product Choices

This has led to an explosion of new product lines being offered for sale to the consumer. Ink jet printers are no exception to this rule. Many new brands are gradually seeping into the market. These new units naturally need some sort of advantage over their existing competition. Few consumers are willing to take a chance on a new brand if it costs more than a product they are familiar with and have grown to trust. As a result, these off-brand printers are available at fallen-off-the-truck prices, in some cases.

Few people are fooled by such a strategy, however. At least in the business world, procurement managers and other buyers of office products know that the price of the printer is not really a huge determinant as to which brand of printer is purchased when it comes time to replace an old one. What really matters are considerations of performance, serviceability and the unit price.

What Really Matters

To put it another way, a new printer needs to provide excellent copies, never break down or eat paper and output things at an affordable price per sheet. Very few companies are willing to entrust their operation to a product built by a startup based in a land that is not well known for its quality control. Even if they were, one other factor would be enough to encourage them to hesitate.

That is the crucial matter of ink cartridge availability. Over the years, a few particular printers have gained widespread acceptance with both the general public and the business community. Because of this, the supplies necessary for continued operation of these devices are available practically everywhere. Finding ink for an Epson printer is a lot easier than it is for a Brand Z model. That availability applies to the entire product line and not just to the newest models on sale either. Even after many years of faithful operation, it is still possible to find an Epson ink cartridge for a specific printer despite the printer itself being discontinued.

A good Epson retailer is going to have a full supply of everything because that is an important part of the company business model. Their customers have come to rely upon their products and it is not a trust that the company has any interest in breaking. Perhaps someday, Brand Z printers will be counted among the dependable names that businesses rely upon virtually without question. It could also be that they cease operations tomorrow and leave their unfortunate customers with these big black paperweights sitting on their desks.

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Karen works in an office where printers are used on a daily basis. She understands the importance of having the right printer and the right ink so you don’t hold up progress on a job. 

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