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Security and the Mobile Workforce

Security and the Mobile Workforce - Chainlink Padlock

Secure your data

The Internet and other technology have made it possible to have what is known as a mobile workforce.  Communication that was once cumbersome and unreliable is now instantaneous with a cell phone or laptop. However, this type of mobility creates several security issues for the company. With the emergence of BYOD, or bring your own device, companies do not have the same handle on data that they used to mainly because of the lack of control over devices used, and where employees are sending data.

Enterprise Mobility

Enterprise mobility is a term devised to encompass all of the mobile devices that can be used for a business. Companies have been quick to adopt these new solutions. However, enterprise mobility management, or how all of these new devices are being secured and effectively implemented, has lagged behind. Companies are excited to jump on the new technology that can make them more efficient, but that can lead to overlooking security concerns.

Solutions are being created to help businesses reel back in their mobile initiatives. This doesn’t mean the end of being mobile. Rather it’s the beginning of being mobile and secure. Enterprise mobility solutions allow your company to manage the data that is crisscrossing the planet on behalf of your business. Typical mobile solutions will upload data into the cloud usually in the form of email attachments or storage providers. However, when dealing with sensitive information, the best course of action is keep that data safe on your own server, which is what an enterprise mobility solution will do.


By putting the data on your server, you retain control of it. This includes who has access to it as well as who can share and edit the data. Your employees retain the same flow of information while you take control of the security. Data is one of the company’s biggest assets. Yet too many companies have let their security slide out from underneath them. By taking it back, you retain the trust of your customers and clients by ensuring that your company isn’t making the news because of a data breach like many other companies.

It’s important to note that while these mobility solutions may sound cumbersome for the sake of security, they are designed to be both secure and easy to use. Again, your data is important that it must be easily accessible. By definition, you aren’t sacrificing mobility with an enterprise mobility solution. Taking steps to keep your data secure will also keep your company safe and running smoothly.

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