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London: The Most International City in the World

London: The World's Most International City - London Wheel

London is one of the world’s centers

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In 2001, the census showed that the population of Greater London had surpassed 7,000,000. Just 10 years later in the nation’s most recent poll, that figure had jumped to 8,000,000. There’s no questioning that London is one of the most important cities in the world. Led by its financial industry which straddles the eastern and western hemispheres, the capital is also a prominent player in other industries like fashion, art and film. The city’s lively atmosphere, convenient location and willingness to foster innovation, has hoisted it to what is now possible the world’s most international city. london

What Makes London an International City?

Walking through London’s streets, it’s hard not to notice the diversity that is so strongly implanted within the many neighbourhoods and boroughs dotting the landscape. Like in other cities, there are concentrations of different cultures scattered across different parts of the city. However, there is a general overall diversity which supersedes these neighbourhoods in London in a way that is not found anywhere else in the world.

How did London become so International?

London’s international status is the result of numerous factors, starting with the expansion of the British Empire hundreds of years ago. The UK offers Commonwealth visas to residents of Commonwealth countries established over the last centuries. London residents from Australia, New Zealand and Canada alone, make up a population of well over 100,000. Take into account the importance of the English language in business, and students from around the world flock to London to study English and business.

While on the global stage, London must compete with New York for the title of the world’s financial capital, there’s no doubt that it certainly sits at the top spot in Europe. Boasting two financial centres in The City and Canary Wharf, banks from around the world have chosen London as the spot for their regional offices. This has brought an enormous amount of foreign workers from America, France, Switzerland, Germany, and as far away as Hong Kong. Home to Greenwich and Greenwich Mean Time, London’s location in the world means that its workday overlaps with cities ranging from Long Angeles to Hong Kong. This convenience is even further enhanced by the fact that English has become the de facto international language.

So while London may not have the high rises of New York, or the cosmopolitan flair of Toronto, it tops the list as a city that embraces a wide range of cultures and foreigners.

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