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How to Promote Your Product With a Press Kit: 5 Essentials

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Press kits (or media kits) are packaging typically given to journalists and the media in an effort to obtain exposure for the new business in question. At one time, press kits came strictly in physical form on paper, but as of late, many more businesses have been consolidating press kit materials onto thumb drives. If you’re planning on receiving media attention for your new business, then it’s crucial that you create a great press kit that tells them exactly who you are and what you do.

The Folder

The first integral part to your press kit is the folder. This piece essentially houses the press kit and will be the first thing a journalist sees when the kit lands in their hands. Therefore, you want to make a great initial impression with this piece. According to your branding design, choose a folder with a business card slot that works well with it. Remember that there is no right or wrong way to begin assembling your press kit. Creativity is what turns heads and keeps attention.

A Cover Letter

Be sure to include your cover letter that explains who you are and why your business is relevant and worthy of media attention. Keep the letter short, yet add a bit of personalization as if it were tailored for the journalist who happens to be reading it. Explain your business, and let them know why you want to get reviewed or covered. Be sure to personally sign this letter to display your gratitude.

Product/Service Overview with High Resolution Images

Next you’ll want to assemble a small booklet of sorts that contains sections on your business/product/service and make sure that it contains an eye-catching design with high resolution images. This will help the media outlet learn about the service or product that you offer, and it will give them lots to talk about in their piece of newscast. Be sure to ensure that this booklet (as well as any other materials in the press kit) utilizes elements from your company’s branding to consistently establish your image.

PR Representative’s Business Card

Don’t forget to leave behind the PR person’s business card in the slot on the folder. The business card will help immediately tell the journalist who you are with your logo, typography, and color scheme, and it will leave them contact details in case they need more information or have questions.

A Freebie

Lastly, be sure to leave behind a freebie for the people reviewing the media kit. Everyone loves freebies, and this can establish a sense of friendliness and thanks between your business and the media outlet. You can leave behind a freebie, key-chain, pen, etc. It’s even better and more impressive if the freebie you leave behind is actually functional or useful. For example, let them know that the thumb drive is theirs to keep for their own uses.

Overall, a good press kit will do a good job at telling any news outlet everything they need to know about about your business. Be sure that your press kit displays good use of design standards and that it’s creative enough for someone to want to investigate it. Have fun with your press kit; make it a fun experience for the journalist. Once your press kit has been perfected, send it off and enjoy the exposure!

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Peter Wendt is a journalist and boutique hotel owner in Austin, Texas. Recently he decided to redesign the boutique, and marketed it out clients with a beautiful, and creatively conscious press kit from http://fastkitpack.com/. He was very happy with the final product and highly recommends their services.

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