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How to Improve Your Shipping & Transport Sustainability

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Green up.

The transportation sector is the second largest producer of carbon emissions according to research completed by the Environmental Protection Agency. Our total dependence upon this sector means that we cannot reduce the amount of freight that we transport and therefore it is paramount that transportation companies begin investing in greener alternatives to their current methods.

There are many popular methods of transporting goods and our economies depend heavily upon the success and efficiency of these delivery techniques. By improving the green credentials of transportation devices, companies will not only improve the carbon footprint of their organisations but they will also help to support, improve and maintain the state of our environment.

This blog article will look at several popular methods of transporting goods to examine how they are adapting their delivery processes to improve efficiency and lower their carbon footprint.

Road Trip

Road transportation is an extremely popular method of transporting goods across land. However, large trucks and vans use a large amount of fuel to deliver a small amount of stock. This is why many trucking companies are beginning to use greener and more efficient fuels sources to power their fleets; ultimately lowering their effect on the environment.

Biodiesel is a popular fuel which is now being used in trucks, meaning that they burn fuel more efficiently and safely. This fuel reduces the levels of certain greenhouse gases which are expelled from road transportation vehicles and this lowers their carbon footprint. There are no modifications which need to be carried out on a vehicle to change its fuel source to biodiesel, making it a great investment opportunity. Some delivery companies are even investing heavily in hybrid vehicles, whilst others are looking at how to alter the design of delivery vehicles to make them more aerodynamic, which again will improve their efficiency.

Seaside Travel

Transporting freight across oceans on large ships is a popular but expensive method which releases a great amount of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. What’s more, the unpredictable nature of our seas means that there is a great risk of losing cargo, spilling fuel or marooning the ship and wrecking it. Expensive clean-ups have shown the danger that an oil spill in the ocean can cause to wildlife, their habitats and the environment. Also the emissions that ships release in to the atmosphere mean that shipping companies have had to look at more efficient and safer ways of transporting goods across the world’s oceans.

Many shipping companies are investing heavily in creating ships which burn fuel more efficiently. They are also making use of inland barges which offer a safer way of transporting goods whilst using less fuel. These barges can carry one ton of cargo a total of 514 miles on just one gallon of fuel which shows a massive reduction in the amount of fuel used by similar ships. Also these barges can be manoeuvred through inland canals by smaller tug boats; lowering again the total amount of fuel used and making the whole transportation process safer.

Off the Rails

It is widely believed that the most efficient way of transporting large amounts of goods and freight on land is by train. This is because a single train can carry the equivalent of 280 truckloads of freight. Train companies are also investing in hybrid locomotives and are using these to split the power between the load, rather than relying on a single locomotive to pull the entire load.

Overall, the transport sector is investing heavily in methods to improve the efficiency of their delivery processes whilst also lowering their carbon footprint. Many UK Contract Packing Services are using these new forms of transport to deliver their goods safely and effectively.

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Sam Mulder is a writer who believes that transportation companies should invest in new technology to lower their fuel emissions and to improve their service efficiency and safety. Packaging companies which use Powder Filling understand the importance of ensuring that their goods are safe in transit.

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