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How to Get Your Clients to Sell Your Products For You

How to Get Your Clients to Sell Your Products For You - Happy People Jumping

Get your customers to evangelize your brand.

Whatever renowned brands are known in Canada and beyond, it is always the loyal group of customers that talk about their favorite brands, like it, and recommend these brands to their friends and other circles. Why do they do it? It is because the brands have proved their qualities and thus have made them recognize it forever.

Since our major experience is in the real estate industry, this guide will be written form a realtor’s perspective, but the advice applies to any business.

Know Client Psychology

What customers/clients recommend to others; is very important factor and this is exactly what a businessperson or brand’s manufacturer needs. The recommendations actually drive sales. According to a consulting group, when people make their purchasing; they like to know about what they are going to buy and it is fact that 9 out of 10 customers trust recommendations from colleagues, friends, and relatives.

Never Forget the Real Secret

As a business you can invest money in several or even more marketing and/or promotion methods—but for sales driven quickly and to generate leads more powerfully recommendations that are done from your past clients are the best. In fact, for the rest of their life, he/she works as a brand ambassador of your brand name, dealing, and your business ethics.

How to Make Your Clients Sell Your Products For You - Trust Statistics on Consumers

People prefer trusted people they know as sources of info.

Who Can Be Your Brand Ambassador?

First try to recognize your client’s intelligence and his/her complete willingness in selling or buying with you. Trust plays first, last, and again first role to make your client your brand ambassador. You cannot get client’s trust by hiring him/her; it is the commitment and dedication in your dealing style and cooperation that impresses your client and in turn earns his/her valuable trust. There are many companies and individuals of whom wonderfully engaging styles are quite helpful in making their clients or customers loyal and working as ‘volunteer sales force’ for them.

Recognizing YOUR Fans and Loyal Clients

When you lead your client in a selling or buying deal; you naturally realize what intelligence he/she has. Brand advocacy requires a person who already in love with your business and dealing or product. This is something that urges your client to willingly market your brand name to other people. Try to differentiate between your clients. There are fans and loyal clients. It is the game of realization. Once you work with any client; you must judge his/her business and cooperation intimacy with you. This way you will find out if your client is just your fan or a potential client that is in love with your business and truly can understand how you do it. List all clients into your database and check everyone by remembering how excited they were when you once helped them in buying or selling their home.

Listen and Monitor Your Clients Activities Through Social Networks

Social Networks are a blessing for anyone in business. If you have a good list of your past assisted or guided clients on Facebook or Twitter; you can easily sort out as which of the client is more talking or liking about your updates. If people are praising enthusiastically and mentioning you; believe it, you have your brand ambassador. All you need to do is open your account on social networks and call each client to link up with you with through these networks. Call even the oldest clients. Monitor who is talking what or commenting you. Monitor mentions of your brand on Twitter. Also must not forget that your brand ambassadors need your attention and expect you to hear them so be attentive and reply to them, engage them at all cost.

Let Them Come In: Personalization

Your loyal clients like to feel that you care about each of them personally. The best way to bring your loyal clients more personal service with you is to make them feel that they are an important part of your community and the business. Reply to their comments, solicit their input, give new previews, and ask them all about your business. Keep in mind that your Brand Ambassadors like to be valued members of your team so never ignore them. Besides social networks, you can use conventional strategy to personalize your clients by calling each of them to give important updates regarding new trends, for example, a realtor calling about homes near them or new developments in their cities. Send them branded greetings cards with your signature and a small smiling photograph near it.

Talk About Their Ideas and Likes

It is a good strategy to talk of their ideas and likes so that they could feel more pleasures and in turn they come forward and present their ideas, thoughts, and feedback before you more freely. All they want is to find their answers and it is you who have to find out what question is in their minds. Update your status regularly with the latest information, interesting images, news, fun stuff, jokes, quotes, and opinions that share all walks of life. This is the way you will compel them to spell out their feelings.

How Many Loyal Brand Ambassadors You May Need

Once you create communities on social networks, try to bring them in more personally. Engage them not only from your side but let them engage to other people connected with your community page. For myself as a realtor, it is estimated that realtors should have at least 500 loyal ambassadors in his/her community for better volunteer marketing that generates great leads for the business. 500 is also a good goal number for any business.


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