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How to Easily Do Business With the Government: The New SAM System

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Last year in the month of July, the GSA launched the first phase of SAM consolidating the competencies of eight federal procurement systems and Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance into a single system. The CCR, ORCA and EPLS were migrated into the new SAM in the initial stage.

If you seem to be interested in doing business with the federal government, being exposed so that federal agencies identify you as a vendor, want to respond to the federal bids, request for proposals and solicitations, which require CAGE code, you should register in SAM.

How to register in SAM?

The federal government for registering your business in SAM charges no fee. So, if you want you can do it all by yourself without taking the help of any professional. But if you need the help of a professional, you should hire an expert GSA consultant for assisting you with registering in this database.

Was your business already registered in ORCA and CCR? If yes, it is important that you perform all the following steps before the expiry of your account. However, if you are registering new to do business with the government, then it’s important that you perform all the below mentioned steps, except the Fourth Step.

  1. Visit the official website of SAM
  2. Create a new account in System for Award Management
  3. Endorse your identify
  4. Migrate all your information to SAM from ORCA and CCR systems
  5. Make sure you complete all the mandatory parts in SAM. It categorizes data entry into four logical groupings:
    1. Assertions
    2. Reps and Certs
    3. Core data
    4. Points of Contact
  6. If you own a small business, make sure you fill up the profile in the SBDs section with relevant keywords so that federal agencies and contractors can find you.

Always keep your SAM account updated and active if you want to be exposed to the federal government and increase your visibility.

The new System for Award Management has benefitted the federal government contracting community in several ways. The benefits include:

  • Exclusion of data redundancies
  • Simplified and cohesive processes
  • Reduced government costs when offering enhanced contractor capability

However, the 1.01 version of SAM was off to a slow start. After it went live in the month of July, it was taken offline a few days later as it experienced technical problems. Users were also experiencing very slow response times. Moreover, all the links were not active and the user guide of 350 pages was indeed intimidating. Today, SAM is the one-stop online procurement registration store of the federal government. It allows users to log into just one system and manage all information from a single data storehouse.
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