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How To Compete With Big Companies In The SERPs

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Do better, work together.

A lot of people who run websites seem to be baffled that they aren’t doing better than they are. Often in fact they even seem to be a little bit angry as though they’re ‘entitled’ to be hit bloggers and it’s an insult that that isn’t the case.

These people of course are more than a little misguided and often went into blogging with the wrong idea to begin with. If you think that making a website is a way to make easy money then think again – it’s far, far from easy.

Rather, making a successful website and getting it to the top of the SERPs (the Search Engine Results Pages) is incredibly hard, and something that many professionals struggle with endlessly with no results.

What you have to remember is that there’s a simply huge amount of competition when you try to make it big online and that you need to overcome all of that if you want to get noticed. To put it in even starker terms, think about the biggest sites on the net – like BBC News, like IGN, like The Verge, like Mashable, like Bodybuilding.com. These sites aren’t just run by one person, or even a few guys in their garage: these are businesses run by a huge number of people all at once who work 9-5 on them. They have full departments for every aspect of the site from the design to the marketing to the content and they pour huge amounts of money into them too.

And there are thousands of businesses like this in every niche. If you want to be a hit then you need to compete with that. But how can you possibly? Here’s how…

Work Like a Mad Person

Step one is to go absolutely nuts working like a crazy person. The good news is that even the big sites with lots of workers only tend to post a few articles a day at most and that’s because big businesses are slow and laborious. If you work like mad you can do more than that and still have time to do the marketing and everything else because you don’t have to go to team meetings and because you won’t be watching the clock.

Get Help From Your Friends

This is something that not enough webmasters do. If you want to increase your output, then why not just turn to your friends for help? That way you’ll be able to get a team together writing content and giving input and the result will be something more akin to a team effort rather than the work of one dude going crazy.


Another strategy is to outsource jobs by getting professionals to do them. The good news is that these days a whole range of services from web design to SEO to content creation can be outsources quickly, easily and cheaply. The trick is just finding the good services and avoiding the dross, but once you do you can have your site up to a professional standard in no time at all.

Take Advantage of Your Smallness

The other thing to do as a smaller site is to take advantage of your position as the underdog. You’re already doing that by creating output more quickly than the bigger sites (even with the staff roster of one), but you can take this further by trying to get people behind you (we’re much more likely as a rule to support the work of smaller companies rather than big ones) through forums and other methods. Likewise you can make yourself seem cooler and ‘hipper’ than the bigger competition and market the fact that you are ‘underground’ and ‘indie’. Sell t-shirts from your site so people can feel like a part of your ‘movement’ and be personable and quick to respond to e-mails. Many people prefer working with smaller companies because they like being able to speak directly to the manager. You should also make sure that you take advantage of other technologies (like apps) and that you are prepared to take risks – again those are things that big companies are slow and cautious to do.

All of this will help you to stand a chance against the big players in your niche, and this in turn will put you on the map and help turn your business into a success. And then you become the big player.

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Today’s guest author, John Miller, works at Webfirm, a company specializing in web hosting solutions. He is a fitness enthusiast and he practices martial arts in his free time. Visit http://www.webfirm.com/ to know more about his work.

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