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How To Boost Your Employee Morale

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Be productive.

Are your employees down in the dumps? Well, studies show that employee morale is directly tied to productivity – the more one is dissatisfied or stressed, the less they’ll perform. Try boosting morale with the following 7 simple tricks.

Reward Good Performance

This can be perfectly done by giving bonuses and appraisals. For instance you can give them better monetary allowances or increase the length of vacation days. Another simple way to reward good performance is by appreciating one verbally right in front of the whole team. It’s simple; avoid focusing too much on what’s yet to come while overlooking what your team has already delivered for you.

Get to know them

Yet another smart way to boost your employees’ morale is by striving to know them better. This is best done through employee surveys where you get to inquire crucial information from members of your team. The results of such a survey will ultimately help you a lot in understanding the nature of your workforce in terms of their family background, beliefs and so forth. It’s only when you understand your employees better that you can come up with sure ways to boost their morale.

Inspire an ownership spirit among your workers

We, humans, tend to go out of our way and strive for the best when handling affairs that have one or two things to do with our life. Similarly, your employees will perform much better if you give them that opportunity to feel like they’re a part of your company and not simply tools or slaves. Let them appreciate the fact that they are working for you and let them feel proud of your company name and/or achievements. How is this best done?

*Connect them to your company goals and vision.
* Involve them in making crucial decisions and be sure to remain as transparent as possible.
*Build them into a team through social events like family days out, field sports and other team building activities.

Give them an opportunity to grow

One of the worst mistakes you can make to ruin your employees’ morale is stopping them from pursuing their dreams. This makes you look like a dictator, a self centered chap who wants to just use them for a while and dump them later. Surely, you don’t want that to happen as it will definitely ground your firm. Just give them an opportunity to think freely and pursue their dreams to the max. Who knows, they might just come up with great ideas that’ll better your destiny; once and for all.

Avoid monotony

Monotony is a well known morale killer. Therefore, if you’re fond of sticking to a customary routine, be sure that spicing up schedules will go a pretty long way towards rejuvenating your workforce. This tip best works when combined with a series of employee surveys. So, you first know them better and then roll-out a dynamic program that’s in tandem with their expectations and wishes.

Most successful businessmen of today will definitely agree that besides having well-thought business policies, knowing how to rejuvenate employee morale assures them better profits by optimizing employee performance. After all, a motivated team will lead to a happy society which means good business. All the best!

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