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How Contract Logistics Can Push Your Business to Succeed


How Contract Logistics Can Push Your Business to Succeed - Storehouse

Logistics is the backbone of your business

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With escalating costs putting big-name companies out of business, retailers need to take stock of their spending, and cut costs wherever possible. Depending on the industry in which you operate, this might mean reducing manpower, closing smaller outlets, cutting down on inventory, or streamlining business operations such as storage and transportation of products.

Reducing the inventory you hold may not be an option if you are a successful retail operation, but there is a solution that provides a cost-effective alternative to having to store and deliver products yourself.

Professional firms offering contract logistics

If the cost of having your own warehousing facilities and delivery vehicles has become too high, professional logistics firms can offer their own facilities, vehicles, and staff on a cost-effective contract basis.

This is a solution to a worrying problem that will also help you budget more effectively, regardless of whether fuel costs are going to rise again, and which could provide the stability your company needs to grow and prosper.

Excellent customer service is the key to any successful retail business, and if you offer mail order or online services, customers who receive their orders on time, every time, will want to buy from you again.

Advantages of Contract Logistics

So what advantages can be gained by using a contract logistics company?

Apart from the advantage of being able to budget effectively, with the stability that a formal contract provides, using the services of a professional logistics company will allow you and your staff to focus on income-generating activities, such as marketing and proactive customer contact.

Your attention will no longer need to be diverted to the practicalities of storing your stock, and fulfilling online orders, as this can be included in the initial contract. Services that could benefit your business include:

  • Temperature controlled and ambient storage facilities at key locations throughout the UK. Strategically located near to major road networks, ports, and airports, this enables easy pick-up and transportation of goods
  • A fleet of vehicles at your disposal, from small vans to articulated lorries
  • Well-trained delivery drivers who understand the importance of excellent customer service
  • Proactive account management with one point-of-contact to deal with any queries or problems

On a contract basis, these services will be a cost-efficient solution to the practical problems of storage and delivery of stock.

By using the services of a professional logistics provider you can give your company the edge over your rivals, attract new customers, and increase sales.

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