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How Can I Build Hype and Excitement for My Product Launch?

How Can I Build Hype and Excitement for My Product Launch - Rocket Launch Pad

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Today’s post comes courtesy of Sara Brown of Berkeley Sourcing Group

When you are selling a product or service of any kind whether that’s a physical product like a chair or a gadget, a digital product like an e-book or an app, or service such as proof reading or consulting – the simple most important factor that will determine your success is your marketing and your advertising. As Ted Turner said: ‘Early to bed, early to rise, work like hell and advertise‘.

The point is that too many people create amazing products and then just put them out there and kind of ‘hope’ that they succeed. Many webmasters are guilty of this, and even if they use a little SEO they don’t always tend to actually promote their sites by doing any real advertising or marketing. If you don’t tell people what you’re selling or work to get them interested in it, then how can you expect to make any money from it?

Marketing Before the Launch

But marketing once your project is off the ground isn’t enough – at this point you’re already losing money and every second counts. What’s more important then is to try and market your idea even before it’s completed. When your idea is really just a twinkle in your eye, then that’s the time to start trying to push it and get people excited for it. People want what they can’t have – it’s only natural and it’s something that you can rely on to give your project that extra big boost. At the same time though, this is also a very big indicator for how successful your product is going to be. In other words, if you push and push but no one’s biting or getting excited then this could be seen as a sign that you maybe shouldn’t be launching the project at all and that something needs to change.

So how do you go about building hype before you upload yours website or open the doors to your new restaurant? Here’s how…

Write a Press Release

Writing a press release and sending it out to multiple news outlets is right off the bat a great way to start generating a buzz for your product. [Editor's note: Check out our complete guide on how to write a press release] News stories are great because they’re essentially free advertising for your product, and as long as your idea is interesting/of interest to their readers, then most editors will be happy to cover you.

The best way to get coverage like this is to send your press release early to one big news source in your industry and none of the others. The reason for this is that all publications love exclusives, and by doing this you will be more likely to headline. At the same time though, once you get covered there you’ll find that you start to get more coverage from the other magazines and websites that follow suit so as not to get left behind. Don’t forget to contact print sources even if you’re trying to promote an online product or service, these are a great way to reach a wide audience and often there is less competition here.

Use Crowdsourcing

Using crowdsourcing is a great way to get your product noticed and to get help in the funding or formation of ideas. With a site like Kickstarter for instance you can get funding for your project and essentially this amounts to a lot of pre-orders and a great way to test the market reception. Other companies meanwhile have used crowdsourcing for ideas and to ask their market what they want – for instance the company ‘Razer’ recently unveiled the design for a new gaming tablet on Facebook and opted only to make it if it received enough likes. Such stunts not only raise awareness and are undoubtedly going to be picked up by various news sources, but also give the companies involved a good indicator as to whether or not their concept has a potential audience or if they’re just sinning their wheels.

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Sara Brown, the author of this article is a lady that commands respect and not because of her position but for her knowledge. She works for Berkeley Sourcing Group. They provide turnkey manufacturing services to small businesses.

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