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Green Your Business With an ISO 50001 Energy Management Certification

Green Your Business With an ISO 50001 Energy Management Certification

The gold standard for energy management

You’ll gain an edge over your competition when you obtain an International Standards Organization (ISO) 50001 Energy Management Certification. An ISO 50001 is the set of requirements for setting up an energy management system and putting it into operation, and then sustaining and making improvements on it. It’s a systematic approach, all written down in order to illustrate the ways of business responsibility, which is important to both you and your customers. Many will know that you’re on the cutting edge when your business recognizes and follows the ISO principles.

Soar Beyond The Typical

All energy management systems or EMS’s use computers to aid in the control and performance of electrical loads in buildings. However, an ISO 50001 energy management system assists project managers in utilizing an energy control grid in a more streamlined, energy-efficient way. A business that implements ISO standards into its core way of operations is using a verified approach that is recognized by The Department of Energy (DOE). The ISO 50001 has passed strenuous tests and has been confirmed as a way for industrial and commercial businesses to reduce carbon emissions and stand out ahead of others, thereby, improving industry competition.

Flexible Compatibility

Your business may already have another ISO standard system in place. If so, then you’ll be pleased to know that ISO 50001 is compatible with other ISO systems. For example, ISO 50001 has the same high standards as its quality management systems (ISO 90001), and its environmental management systems (ISO 14001) cousins. If ISO 50001 is new to you, then it’s also good to know that regardless of what kind of energy management system your business currently uses, the ISO 50001 can be implemented to achieve previously unmatched improvements.

Preparing for ISO 50001 Certification

When it comes to energy management systems, obtaining ISO 50001 certification is the best way for you to take your business from any stage to “phenomenal.” If you feel slightly overwhelmed at the thought of starting a new energy management system or improving your existing one, there’s no need to worry. The DOE has put an easy-to-read guide called the “DOE eGuide for ISO 50001.” It can help get you started in the right direction. After you have a management system in place, you’ll have to pass an audit and meet a few other requirements to become certified.

The True Quantifiable and Unquantifiable Benefits of Becoming Certified

As a manager in an ISO 50001 Certified business, you’ll have the knowledge and awareness of the tools required to improve energy efficiency. After the standards are put into action you’ll rapidly see hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, and annual quantifiable savings—year after year. You’ll also likely save in worker production costs when your existing workforce produces more in less time.

Unquantifiable benefits, those that may or may not immediately be known at first, include community recognition as a business that adheres to standards, and one that is doing what it can to improve its community’s environment. Another result of this side-benefit is gaining loyal customers. New and current customers may feel more committed to a company that adheres to a higher environmental standard. ISO 50001 certification shows that your business cares enough to help protect the health of its citizens by lowering its harmful emissions.

Just thinking about ISO 50001 certification is quickly not becoming an option. Take the right steps today and you’ll be on your way to moving and staying ahead of your competition. As your business continues to prove energy-efficiency savings and lower harmful environmental waste, it will become poised to receive industry and community recognition as a leader in setting the standard for others for many years to come.

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