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Globial – Supporting American Business

Globial brings the world to American businesses. Did you know that 96% of consumers are outside the US or that ? of the world’s purchasing powers is outside the US? (1) Globial connects the businesses of the United States to this massive opportunity. The Globial platform helps US companies find new customers and suppliers anywhere in the world easily and with less resources spent–which means more resources available to create jobs, increase wealth, and feed American innovation.

95% of consumers are outside the USGlobial revolutionizes international trade for US businesses by making it easy to reach buyers everywhere. How important is international trade to the United States? You might as well ask how important economic growth and jobs are to the US. Nearly every time international trade grew from 1983-2007, economic growth and job creation also increased with it. (2) The opportunities for American businesses are only growing–US exports grew at twice the rate of US GDP growth for several decades. (3) In fact, nearly ? of the US economy’s GDP is from exports. (4) Globial multiplies this growth by delivering export opportunities directly to American businesses. Any company on Globial, no matter the size, can access new buyers and new markets globally. More customers means thriving businesses and thriving businesses create new jobs, raise wages, and invest in innovation. The world wants to buy American; Globial makes it possible.

Globial also helps American companies reduce the cost of doing business by saving businesses valuable time, money, and resources. By connecting companies to the best suppliers on a global scale, Globial lowers the costs of materials needed by American companies to create products.  Globial makes it easier to find the materials businesses need, saving businesses significant time in searching for and verifying who to work with. Using the savings created by the Globial platform, businesses can create new jobs, increase wages paid to workers, and invest in new innovative technologies. The savings isn’t trivial–US businesses consume more than half of the country’s imports to produce goods and services. (5)
Price Changes of Highly Trade Products
The President understands the impact of lowering costs for American businesses on the United States. In 2010, he offered the following reasoning as he signed a bill lowering costs for manufacturers:

“To make their products, manufacturers — some of whom are represented here today — often have to import certain materials from other countries and pay tariffs on those materials. This legislation will reduce or eliminate some of those tariffs, which will significantly lower costs for American companies across the manufacturing landscape — from cars to chemicals; medical devices to sporting goods. And that will boost output, support good jobs here at home, and lower prices for American consumers.” [emphasis added] (6)

By lowering the costs, both Globial and the President give American firms savings they can use to hire new employees and grow their businesses. Ultimately, Globial helps American businesses focus on doing what they do best–creating and innovating. By lowering costs while improving quality, American businesses become more competitive throughout the world. Globial empowers American business, American jobs, and American growth.


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