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France Chooses Africa Intervention Carefully

In light of the recent French intervention in Mali, the AP released a brief report today on France’s overall involvement in Mali, Somali, Ivory Coast, Libya, and Chad:

PARIS (AP) — France has a history of intervention in Africa, where it was a colonial power for decades and still maintains several military sites and has hundreds of troops across the continent, including Senegal, Ivory Coast, Chad and Gabon.


- January 2013: French helicopter gunships and fighter jets struck at Islamist fighters in Mali at the request of Mali’s president, after the rebels began seizing territory well to the south of the strongholds they had held for the previous nine months. It was the first military intervention under French President Francois Hollande.

-January 2011: Two French hostages were killed on the Niger-Mali border by their captors as French rescue forces closed in.

via News from The Associated Press.


Author:Sunny Mui

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