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Can Online Reputation Management Protect Me From Lost Customers?

Can Online Reputation Management Protect Me From Lost Customers? - Shield

Let it be your shield

Today’s post comes courtesy of business contributor Jeremy Rogers

It goes without saying that to retain your competitive edge over your business rivals in this highly digitalized world, you gotta go digital yourself. And chances are that you already have a strong online presence owning numerous portals that have been developed by specialist web developers and are also being continuously updated and upgraded by them. Since rapid strides are in the realm of information technology, the parameters or the yardsticks that define and constitute the security of your virtual goodwill (read ‘keeping online reputation intact or restoring goodwill has taken a beating’) are also undergoing change. [Editor's note: Don't forget to check out our article on using Reverse SEO to help your online reputation]

Your Online Reputation at Stake

Even a decade back, things hadn’t got so complicated. Hackers, computer nerds, cyberpunks, techno-geeks were terms the most tech savvy people had not even heard of let alone aware of the existence of such individuals. You at least went to bed with a relaxed state of mind that your virtual world was hunky dory. But nowadays, the online realm as it exists for you (and everybody else who walks through its hallowed portals) per se is getting besmirched by unscrupulous site hackers who are self-styled computer geeks or nerds. It does not make any difference to them whether you have just a single site to bank upon for your online business.

The Common Scenario

How many times has it happened that you Googled, Yahooed, Hotmailed or Binged your or your company’s name on the web browser and came up with explosive info that was eating into your goodwill (or your firm’s reputation)? How many times have you received mails or calls from some of your potential clients that they were putting their business relationships with you on suspended animation (which literally translates into putting all their orders on the backburner) till you patched up your online reputation and got it back on track?

Role of Reputation Management

There are a countless number of individuals who’ve had their virtual status slandered because of the evil machinations of computer hackers. On a personal note, Reputation Management Consultants through its inoculation campaigns (just as you need vaccination for hepatitis or typhoid) have come to the rescue of such individuals more times than number.

These days, disgruntled people (those who have been laid off, your business rivals, competitors and adversaries) has easy and almost unlimited access to social networking and e-commerce sites to post negative comments about your business. Or they might come up with some sensitive or untoward incident from your past (no matter how trifling or innocuous they might be to you) and go on a character assassination spree.

So irrespective of whether you’re a high flying corporate executive, a successful author, a key political figure or an actor with a massive fan following whose online profile has taken a beating and needs to be revamped, you can rely on the inoculation services of reputation management consultants. The establishment is perpetually keeping track of industry shifts and drifts. These companies use innovative strategies in stifling and repressing negative information and replacing the same with positive listings that show you or your company in a good light.

Reputation management firms endeavor to push your negative listings down by replacing themwith constructive citations about you in the following ways:

  • Micro-Sites that are Latent Semantic Content friendly are developed with sufficient outbound linkages. Page contents are regularly upgraded with the specific set of inoculation keywords. Sites are hoisted on numerous servers and IP addresses.
  • Blogs that contain positive listings are automatically created or formed when Micro-Sites are inoculated or when they register for Blogger or LiveJournal.
  • Syndicated Articles/Press Releases can be inoculated by referrals to efficient networks like PRLog or eZine articles. Page contents or pages can be vaccinated via online leveraging.
  • Link Building services integrate positive listings with top notch linkages.
  • Social Media automation services of Reputation Management Consultation help you to add to your profile to Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Naymz, Twitter and Wiki articles that have been thoroughly inoculated.


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