"Within one month our revenues had jumped over 50%."

British Prime Minister Urges SMEs for More Export

The Prime Minister has urged business leaders to “spread” export opportunities to help small and medium-sized companies. Speaking at the annual conference of the Confederation of British Industry (CBI), David Cameron said:  “Our market may be subdued, but there is fantastic growth elsewhere in the world.

“We need to spread export opportunities right down to small and medium-sized businesses.”

He also said: “Britain is in a global race to succeed today. Every week you step off aeroplanes in the South and East and feel the pace of change there.” Mr Cameron said there would also be a slashing of red tape, which is holding back British enterprise, and he now plans to reduce bureaucratic hurdles for British businesses. Read more at Sky.com


Author:Umut Yildirim

Umut Yildirim is a business contributor to Globial Talks Business. his passions include the economy, world issues, and global trade.


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