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One of the most difficult things about starting small businesses, is dealing with the accounting that comes with it. Small businesses need accounting resources that  can make book keeping a lot easier and less time consuming. Accounting is not something you can learn in one day, and the complexities that go into it, make the job that much harder for small businesses. Accounting systems can sell for hundreds to thousands of dollars and there is plenty of expensive accounting software out there. So how do you know which accounting system to use?

Every business has different accounting needs. We have compiled a list of useful sources for small businesses to use in order to determine their own accounting needs. There might be businesses out there, who might not be willing to spend for accounting software, So we also included a source for free accounting software, that is also of good quality. We intentionally kept the list small, so that business owners would not be overwhelmed with choices. But instead of providing quantity, we have provided quality.

Small business accounting made easier resources:


+A list of some of the best free accounting software on the web.


+The best small business accounting systems according to PCmag.com


+Reviews of some the best small business accounting systems out there by TopTenReviews


+If you really want to learn accounting, here is a list of some great universities that offer
free accounting courses online


We checked all these recommended sites to make sure that your time is not wasted by spam or useless links. Some of the publications listed above are among the most well known on the web in the business community. So you know that when they speak, they speak the truth. Please join us on Globial, for the latest in business trends and small business tips!

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