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Polythylene Packaging

Today’s post comes courtesy of Polythene UK.

The largest polythene manufacturers in the UK have diversified their product lines to include cost-effective polylite products. In the area of stretch wrap and films, lightweight, but durable polylite products are an economical choice for bulk packaging operations.

Users of polylite stretch wrap and film allow the user to stretch the cover to twice its off-the-roll length. By using the fold-over edges at the top and bottom, customers can meet virtually every packed pallet specification. The UK’s large polythene and polylite manufacturers are the best in Europe and have carved a strong niche throughout the European Union and beyond.

36% – 47% more film per roll than any other regular polythene.

Spiral Wrap Films

Spiral wrap films from the UK are ideal for larger and longer items. These films are especially popular for protecting and shipping everything from treasured furnishings to commercial and industrial equipment.

Because spiral wrap films arrive in rolls, the wrapping can be tightened by wrapping spiraling around the object regardless of size and length. Manufacturers state that UK spiral wrap films can save bulk shippers 20 percent compared to outdated packaging solutions.

Machine Stretch Films

The top UK polythene and polylite manufacturers guarantee the highest machine stretch film yields in Europe. That is quite an accomplishment. Pre-stretched wrap and film reduces the weight of each shipment and the purchasing cost.

Power pre-stretched machine film comes off the manufacturing line as a five-layer cast film. This allows for a minimum 13% down-gauge, which leads to a higher increase in yield. Machine stretch films are delivered on heavy-duty, lightweight cores, another yield improving feature.

If your business uses pallet stretch-wrapping or can benefit from pallet stretch wrapping, UK manufacturers stand ready to discuss various options and to see samples of doubled-oriented thermo resistant.

Prospective purchasers should understand that polymer product pricing is linked to the price of oil. To realize the best pricing possible, book orders in advance and when oil prices are down.

In addition to spiral film wraps and machine stretch films, UK polythene manufacturers excel in the production of hand pallet wrap, pallet wrap, agricultural stretch wrap and silage stretch wrap.

To economize further, polythene manufacturers have begun to market the standard core brake stretch wrap turntable. For businesses that have not fully researched their packing options, there are exciting things happening in the industry. If you take pride in your packaging and want safe, unharmed goods to arrive in another location, call UK polythene manufacturers for competitive bids and the best packing solutions.

To see a large range of polythene products such as shrink film, please visit Polythene UK’s website

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