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7 Team Building Activities to Boost Employee Morale

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Team building can help your team perform better.

As you and countless others converge on a corporate event, no doubt the primary focus will be on work. But even large corporations with an eye on success realize that a little fun and levity can promote productivity and boost morale. If you’re involved in the planning of a corporate convention, you have an even greater awareness of how important it is to intersperse a little fun into a long week of work. These ideas can help you plan stress-busters, team-builders and fancy evenings to entertain your corporate event attendees, and help them enjoy a memorable and productive week.

Lighten Up: Fun Activities and Ideas for Corporate Event Entertainment


  • Game Night. Whether it’s cards, sports or your own version of a favorite TV game show, playing games together can help workers leave stress behind. Try to keep the emphasis off of competition and on fun so people can just relax, laugh and enjoy themselves.



  • Team Activities. Team-building activities can help employees return to their office environment feeling like they’re part of a cohesive force working toward a common goal. Many corporate event planners have a variety of team-building activities ideas, ranging from outward bound survival-type activities to something simpler and less adventurous, like a scavenger hunt.



  • Field Trip. Sometimes, the best kind of break from work is one that involves a change of scenery. Rent a motor coach, get the team aboard and take them to enjoy some of the local sights. Encourage everyone to participate in the event planning so they can enjoy a day or afternoon being a tourist on vacation, instead of toiling away the entire time.



  • Community Volunteering. Many corporations give back to their local community through employee volunteer programs. Those attending a corporate event or convention can wind down from work and enjoy interacting with the surrounding community by participating in a company-wide volunteering opportunity. Collecting food for a local food bank, building homes for Habitats for Humanity or other ideas that facilitate team work can give attendees a sense of gratification that no other activity can give.



  • Comedy Event. Laughter has a way of dissipating stress and breaking up the monotony. Many corporate event planners have connections with local or big name comedians who can come in and do a show that fits the theme of the event.



  • Inspiration. Motivational speakers can play an instrumental role in inspiring a corporate team toward the achievement of success. Plan to have a motivational speaker talk on one of the first days to set the tone for the entire event.



  • Awards Night. Everyone likes to be acknowledged and what better way to do it than with an awards night. Model yours after the Academy Awards and encourage employees to don fancy attire. Splurge on a champagne toast, hire a band or play big band music so people can get up and dance after the awards ceremony and dinner.



All Work and No Play

A corporate event, especially those that last for more than one day, are like intense work sessions where the employees never really get to go home. For this reason, it’s important for event planners to break up the work sessions with time for fun and relaxation. All work and no playtime at a corporate event can result in burned out employees who leave at the end of the week feeling exhausted instead of rejuvenated and enthused.

Careful planning and a balanced schedule can help you avoid returning to the office to face workers that are too tired or unmotivated to work. Use these ideas for your next corporate event to ensure attendees get to enjoy a mixture of productivity and vacation throughout the week.

Contributed by Abigail Peters from Props-n-frocks.co.uk. Visit the website for our corporate fancy dress options.

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