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Top 6 Finance Apps for International Business Users

6 Top Finance Apps for International Business Users

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Today’s post comes courtesy of finance contributor Maria

In light of fact that technology has enhanced our lives, communication has taken a step forward and has broken down global barriers. Mobiles today are not only used for connectivity purpose but for multiple purposes. Smartphones provide you with great computing experiences and connectivity. This technology has simplified our complicated lives. Smartphones have changed the mobile experience.

By downloading the numerous apps available on the net, you can get the job done at twice the speed. There are unlimited applications in different genres such as finance, business, entertainment, infotainment, education, health, fitness, and more. There may be numerous apps present but here are a few applications specifically for import/export companies:

Currency Converter Pro- Money Exchange Rates:

This has resourceful features supporting all the currencies in world. It updates the currency rate from the web directly. Currency selection is simple and fast and can change the currency in a click. It has a graphic interface and various graphic skins are available. The user friendly interface supports more than 220 currencies. This is very useful for foreign exchange business owners.

Portfolio Live:

This improves your ability to manage your investment portfolio. You can now track your portfolio and individual stocks, with detailed custom technical charts and you can stay informed anytime, anywhere. Manage a hundred positions and track every buy you make.

Real-Time Stocks:

With Real-Time Stocks, you can monitor various multiple real-time quotes at once. It has useful features such as multi-touch chart browsing, auto-refresh stocks every 30 seconds, supports directories of global markets and so on. It has simple and clear interface. This collects real-time quotes/charts form various sources.

Wikinvest Portfolio:

If you have more than one stock portfolio then Wikinvest Portfolio is the best app for you. This monitors all your investment accounts and maintains them in one place. It imports holdings from over 60 brokerages including OptionXpress, Schwa, Merrill Lynch, Prudential and so forth. This allows you to compare your accounts’ performance to major catalogues and view news and quotes of all your portfolios. You can research and plan your future investments by viewing the company charts, news and community analysis.

Bloomberg Finance:

With this you can get instant access to all your market data, business news and portfolio tracking tools from trusted financial professionals from all over the world. The easy-to-understand charts and graphs illustrate the impact of important business trends. You can choose from new categories that include bonds, commodities, insurance and so forth. You can also create personalised views on the news, industry, or popularity. Gives access to read news related to particular stocks.

handyCheck- Global Trade Compliance Guide:

Want to check whether you can trade with or ship goods to prospective clients on the go? Then here is the perfect app for you. This gives instant results, making this application the most convenient and cost effective trade determination tool. All you need to do is just enter the information on the screen, receive the data about the party, and whether the party passed or failed instantly.

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