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6 Tips to Increase Worker Productivity in the Home Office

6 Tips to Boost Worker Productivity in Home Offices

More and more employees are working from home. But are they being productive?

Working from home might sound appealing, but if you ask a professional who does work remotely, you’ll learn that there’s more than meets the eye. While it’s certainly nice to get out of bed and work in your PJ’s all day, it’s easy to get buried in papers and documents and when you sleep where you work, you can’t escape it. Here are six tips to being productive and organized in your home office.

Eliminate piles

It’s inevitable that you’re going to end up with piles of papers on your desk. Even though many companies and professionals are moving over to paper-less work-spaces, paper is still going to be there, from print outs to notebooks. Rather than letting the papers pile up and consume your desk, you need to start eliminating some of them and organizing the rest. Either devote a block of your time to eliminating the paper piles all at once or break it down into manageable chunks of time. Whichever you choose, make sure the job gets done completely, not just partially done.

Tackle those papers

If you think about it, rather than just picking up a piece of paper and putting it down to let it get lost in a mess, wouldn’t it make more sense to just organize it as soon as it’s in your hands? Rather than letting a piece of paper get lost, instead just toss, file or act on those papers immediately. This way, you’ll keep track of every important paper you have and get rid of the papers you don’t need lying around and taking up valuable space.

Keep files within close reach

When you’re working from home, you want to make sure everything is organized and easy to find. You also want to make sure that your business papers are separate from your personal papers. Within your office, keep your business papers within close reach, whether they’re kept in filing cabinets, organization bins or folders.

Avoid excess supplies

Since your office is within your house, you clearly don’t have the space that one would normally have in an office setting for a supplies closet. This doesn’t mean that you need to store all of your extra supplies in or on your desk. Put any extra supplies in a cabinet with closed doors or a bin within your office to keep it out of sight, but not out of mind.

Keep your business separate from your home

This tip is as simple as it sounds. It’s easy to let your home office get mixed in with your personal life, but if you take the appropriate actions, you don’t have to let this happen. The purpose of your office is for work, so organize it accordingly and keep your work items and home items separate.

Maintain office organization

In order to keep your office organized, it has to be maintained. It’s completely understandable to get buried every once in a while and to have to take the extra time to go through items and get rid of things, but it shouldn’t be a once a week or twice a month thing. If you take the time each day to organize items and put things where they belong, you’ll be much better off in the long run and it’ll save you a headache down the road.

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Jackie Ryan is a freelance writer who works from her home office. While she’s the queen of organization, she has had her moments of clutter. This is why she has invested in wire shelving units to store important files and storage bins close by in her home office.

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