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6 Steps to Market Your Business Online

6 Steps to Market Your Business Online - Chess Game

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Today’s post comes courtesy of marketing executive Joy of worldlink-now.com

If you are a business owner looking to advertise your business and bringing it visibility, you probably have a maze of thoughts in your mind about where to start. In this fast paced online world, the marketing strategies and ideas available are evolving and changing like never before. Every moment is a new challenge for businesses to prove their identity and show themselves above others. The best bet is to invest in multiple marketing channels–be it business directories, yellow pages, etc. This is indeed a healthier solution for your business rather than relying on a single lead generation technique.

Here are a few initial steps you may take to establish your identity through online marketing:

Yellow Pages

Your business does not exist if it is not listed in a business directory. By paying a nominal fee, you may avail a permanent address in the yellow pages or directory for users to find you easily. Yellow Pages have been the most effective and primary tools for consumers and has helped drive business leads efficiently. Search for online yellow pages and you may choose a global directory. One such global business directory is www.worldlink-now.com which allows you to list your business with icon and pictures in the respective category.

Local Search

Local search marketing is highly beneficial for small businesses such a real estate to utility services who cater to their local residents. This is much similar to online yellow pages with emphasis on being local. It includes many classified advertising websites which allow you to post ads and they may help target your local area for your business.  This domain also covers local newspaper websites where you may consider posting your business ads. Maps are another great local search option for your local community.

Video Marketing

Youtube, Vimeo are not just limited to playing classic videos or movies, but have become a formidable and reliable marketing tool in this online industry.  Promotion of a business through videos have become a trend since a few years. How you make the video interesting for your users is the key to host a successful marketing video campaign.


Your business needs to reach your customers through a conversational manner, which demands you to highlight the personal as well as human side of your business, and blogging is a great tool to help you with that. Advertising your business through blogging on various popular sites may help you boost your visibility and reach your potential customers.

Pay Per Click Ads

If you are looking for instant publicity and are aware of what your potential customer may be looking for, pay per click is a healthful business marketing strategy. The popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc provide Pay Per Click options which give you instantaneous visibility over the web.

Visual Impact

Building your brand with emphasis on images and photos provides your business the required boost and reputation. Photos have always asserted to be instrumental in depicting various conversations. Your website may communicate to your potential customer your product and its features and various services.

The above steps are the basic building blocks for your business marketing start and will form the basis for your various promotional campaigns and bring your business to the forefront in terms of visibility and niche relevance in the market.

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Joy is a marketing executive at www.worldlink-now.com¬† which aims to be the world’s largest online yellow pages Business Directory. It is an almost free way to gain more visibility for your business and has over 2.3 million hits.

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