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5 Ways to Generate More Leads and Increase Sales

5 Ways to Generate More Leads and Sales - Spreadsheet and Pen

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Today’s post comes courtesy of business contributor Lilly Sheperd

No matter what product or service you sell, marketing your product to generate sales leads is an ongoing journey.  There’s never a point at which you can stop and rest on your laurels; the world is on the move, and you should be, too.  Even when you’re doing well, it’s important to keep polishing up your advertising techniques and your website content so that you can find fresh customers, get the word around, and carry forward with your sales momentum.  Here are 5 of the best ways you can generate more leads. [Editor's note: Looking for buyers? Check out our article on finding buyers]

Identify your market and your buyers.

This may sound like a given, but sometimes it’s the most basic things which get overlooked.  Are you selling to an existing market, or trying to create one which doesn’t exist?  You’ll have a lot more luck with the former than the latter.  If you’ve identified a market with demand, do you know your customers?  Can you tell the difference between a casual browser and a serious buyer?  Does your product make sense to that buyer, and will it bring some kind of genuine value to that buyer?  If you have doubts on any of these points, it’s time to go back to the drawing board.  Sometimes a mistake in your business plan can be what’s costing you leads.

Target serious buyers.

Once you’ve identified your target market and learned to identify people who are most likely to convert, target those buyers and don’t worry about casual visitors to your site.  Those casual visitors aren’t going to drive sales.  Targeting should be an integrated aspect of your campaign, and should impact your landing page text, your email list, any discounts you offer, and so on.

Is your landing page a sales page?

While this again may seem like a given, new marketers often mix up the idea of a home page and a sales page.  Your landing page should be a sales page and not a home page.  Having a website that visitors (and search engines) can browse is great, but it’s your sales page that’s going to get conversions.  Internet users are lazy and have short attention spans, so make it easy for them to buy by using your sales page as your landing page.

Mobile is huge and it’s only continuing to grow.

Is your landing page mobile friendly?  If not, it’s time to build some pages which load cleanly on mobile devices.  Mobile purchasing is powerful not only because it increases the number of potential customers who might buy your products, but also because many customers engage in shared purchasing behavior with their mobile platforms.  This is a great way to generate referral-based leads.

Hire a firm that specializes in lead generation to jump start the process.

Experts in lead generation have tested numerous techniques and can save you time, effort, and ultimately money by boosting your sales.

Lead generation can be a challenging aspect of business, whether you’re a veteran in your market or you’re brand new to selling.  And even if you’re doing well now, if you don’t continue to look for ways to push your business forward, you could lose momentum.  When things are going well, that’s precisely the moment to try to turn your current success into a larger sales victory.  Whatever point you’re at with your business, there are things you can do right now to increase your potential sales.  So try out some of these ideas and see where they can take you!

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Lilly Sheperd, an occasional guest-blogger, geek girl. When not blogging, she likes to travel and read a lot, especially about marketing and technology.

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    Hard work is always the key to success in business but we must also know the right steps on how to do better for the benefit of our customers. There are a lot of competitors out there so we must not get tired of thinking new ideas and unique strategies in selling our products.

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