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5 Vital HR Tasks That Increase Business Productivity

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Question a variety of professionals about the relevance of HR professionals or department in a company and you will get mixed response. Some would relate it to the number of employees in an organization while there are others who consider it as just another liability of running a large company. However the HR department is a lot more important than you really consider it.

Human resources play a key role in building a competitive edge for an organization. In the course of past decade, the HR department and their role have changed a lot. There are a lot of factors that have caused this shift. Globalization of business is one, while foreign competition and technology have also played their part. However, the truth remains that HR and a clear understanding of core human resources issues has never been more important for continued success of the company. HR tasks like recruitment, performance management, training and policy implementation can make significant difference to any company. Here are some of the vital functions that a HR delivers without which we possibly cannot imagine positive growth inside an organization:

Conflict resolution

A workplace witnesses the confluence of people from all walks of life. There are diverse personalities having different backgrounds and level of knowledge all working under the same roof, just for the sake of a common objective, the growth of the company. However friendly the environment might be at the workplace, conflicts are bound to happen. A human resource professional has special training and skills to diffuse such a tense situation. A sour relationship between manager and his employee can turn the mood of the entire team unproductive. At such a juncture, a HR manager does what is correct and in the best interest of the company.

Ongoing Needs Assessment Program

The smartest and easiest way to understand that an organization’s employees have all the necessary skills and training to keep the business running at its best is through a needs assessment program. This is an exercise that helps identify gaps between your employee’s current abilities and whatever they need to learn to keep themselves and the company competitive. The HR professionals suggest the common area for improvement so that employees are able to assay their responsibilities in a better way.

Training & Development

The natural consequence of conducting a needs assessment program is determining the type of skills training and employee development that are currently missing and are required to be developed. The HR professional is responsible for identifying the training and development exercises that will be most appropriate for the professional growth of the employee and productivity of organization.

Budget Management

Even though the HR section doesn’t deals with managing the finances or accounting records of a company , nor does it helps in direct revenue generation like the sales department does, it can help you curb the excessive spending by developing strategies for reducing workforce management expenses. This includes setting up a more realistic wage chart for employees based on the study of market, employment statistics and salary analysis. This works particularly well for small organizations that are on small budget. A degree in HR can be credited for teaching students the tenets of budget management.

Cost of hiring new employees, training and yearly performance appraisals can run up a huge bill for the company, and if you are a small business this sum can seem exorbitant. A well thought-out recruitment and selection procedure can minimize the expenses related to advertising job postings, and training new employees.

Communication of policies and practices with Employees

It’s the prerogative of the business owner to communicate to the employees his expectations and the vision that he has for the growth of organization. However, this communication is essentially a task that falls under the ambit of human resource. As organizations expand and outgrow the owner’s reach, the responsibility comes on the shoulder of HR professionals to effectively communicate the policies and work practices with employees so as to keep the competitiveness running through different ranks. Building a great company has a lot to do with how people work together and this is another important are of human resource that business owners must delve into.

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