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5 Tips to Re-Energize Your Team in 2013

5 Tips to Re-energize Your Team in 2013

Make 2013 a great year for your team

Your employees are among your most important resources, and if you are in a spot where you are seeing them get very fried, you need to think about re-energizing them. Employees that are just dragging themselves through the motions of doing good work are not going to be very good for business, and you’ll find that your turnover rate can get suspiciously high if things keep up.

Consider these methods for giving them more energy!

Feed Them

Employees spend large portions of their day at your place of business, and this means that they need to think about how they are going to eat while they are at work. Some of them decide to bring their lunches, while others need to worry about ordering out or eating at restaurants. No matter what they decide to do, there is some kind of stress involved. When you want to give your employees some spare energy, think about providing them with lunches. The money you spent is going to be more than made up for with good will!

Rewards for High Performers

Come up with some metrics for good performance, and start offering monthly rewards. The thing to remember is that the rewards should be something that they actually want. Too many businesses give their employees junk, and it shows in terms of the reaction. When in doubt, remember that the best rewards are money and time. A gift certificate is a great choice, as is a day off. These are the rewards that will actually get your employees excited about doing better. Remember that the amount of money that you are putting into these rewards are going to be paid back in good will and hard work.

Recognize Your Employees

If your employees are burned out, they have likely been working very hard. This means that they have been going above and beyond the call of duty for quite some time. If you want to make sure that they feel rewarded for their efforts, remember to recognize them. Even a little bit of verbal recognition is better than nothing. It shows them that you have been paying attention to their work, and it lets them know that they are appreciated.

Reward Proactive Behavior

When you see your employees taking care of problems on their own, remember that you should reward them. The proactive employees are the ones who really care, and they are also the ones that have a real investment in your company. When you see someone doing some original problem solving, make sure that you call attention to it and that you praise it.

Be Positive

If you are the person in charge, they are going to be taking their cues from you. Consider how you have been behaving, and see how it reflects on the company at large. Take a moment to think about what your own behavior is like. For example, do you come every day with a big smile and greetings for everyone? If you are not energetic, your team is not going to be energetic; it really is as simple as that! Get a little face time with everyone, and be positive when you do so.

If you are in a place where you want to make sure that your team is getting energized in the coming year, take the time to make it happen. This type of change is not going to happen without you Even if things are going well, you need to make sure that your employees know it. You are in charge of a team of talented individuals, so show them how you feel!

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