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5 Simple Yet Efficient Gifts Employees And Clients Will Cherish


The perfect gift?

Want your office to be a more motivating place for your employees to work in? Want to make sure your employees continue to maintain their productivity at work consistently? To make sure you get the best out of your employees and clients, it becomes important to make sure you keep them happy and satisfied. This is where corporate gifts could make a difference. Who doesn’t like gifts? And from the employee’s point of view, it’s always good to get some rewards and to be appreciated for your hard work, to keep you motivated to do well, right? Listed below are five simple gadgets that will make good corporate gifts!

USB Pen Drives

Customized promotional USB flash drives as corporate gifts have been gaining huge prominence off late, apart from being great advertising tools for small and medium corporate offices as well as large enterprises. Gifting a USB flash drives to your clients or employees is an excellent tool for both, appreciating the hard work of your employee, as well as for promoting your business logo or your company’s tag line. Moreover, living in an age dominated by technological gems such as computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, music players, and what not, transferring data from one device to another is something that we do so often! Useful to the core, compact, and extremely handy, your employees and clients could definitely do with an additional USB Flash drive in their kitty!

Sports Water bottle

Sports Water bottles are an excellent giveaway when it comes to rewarding your employees or your clients. Water bottles are popular and almost everyone uses them! Moreover, if you wish to get some publicity or marketing done for your business or your company, you could even consider imprinting your company logo on the bottle! This will make your potential customers and your clients value your business all the more. Most sport water bottles are extremely sleek and compact, making it easy to carry them around in your purse or your backpack effortlessly. Ideal for carrying fresh juices, smoothies, milk shakes, coffer, and so on, sports water bottles are the ultimate gifting option for tech-savvy modern day professionals.

USB Cup Warmer

While you’re at work, don’t you sometimes feel that any hot beverage that you happen to be drinking seems to cool down at a faster rate than it otherwise would? If yes, having a stylish USB Cup warmer would definitely do the trick. Distributing USB cup warmers in the form of additional rewards, freebies, or bonuses to employees is definitely something that can be considered. Moreover, these sleek cup warmers are extremely easy to use – just plug in the USB cord into the USB port of your computer or laptop, place your mug on top of the little hotplate, and that’s it, you can now enjoy a steaming hot cuppa for up to almost 30 mins! How cool is that?


Backpacks are yet another great option when it comes to gifts and rewards for your employees or clients. Backpacks are popular and people just love carrying backpacks due to its comfort level! Be it for carrying laptops, for travelling, camping/hiking, or even for outdoor workout such as cycling, skiing, and walking, backpacks are useful to the core for carrying along essential items such as water, your phone, your wallet and so on.  Once again, perfect for corporate giveaways or to be used as simple branding statements, branded backpacks can be prove to be a great corporate gift for your clients and employees to cherish.

Other knickknacks

Apart from the four fantastic items mentioned above, there are literally tons of other knickknacks or little gadgets that you could consider gifting to your corporate clients or employees. Be it sleek, stylish, and efficient ball pens and pencils, highlighters, pen sets, flashy key chains, flashlights, table weights, pen stands, eco friendly mugs, bottle openers, desk accessories, and much more, the list is endless. If you want the list to be strictly technology based and nerdy, you could even consider gifting your employee’s things like iPad and Tablet covers, CD holders, mouse pads, Mp3/ music player accessories, smart phone accessories, laser pointers, and so on.

If you are looking to make your employees and clients feel cherished, needed, and motivated, and at the same time do some healthy marketing and publicity for your company, these fantastic corporate gift ideas will undoubtedly hit the mark!

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Donald Adams, the author of this post, works at Concept Plus Inc., a company that offers a variety of promotional products in Canada and ad specialty items. Besides claiming to be a massive hockey fan, he also has a keen interest in backpack and clothing designs.

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    Hey Donald Adams, thank you for the rare post. I agreed with you that usb pen drive or usb flash drive make great corporate gifts to the employees as it is practical and have great reuse factor. Portable power bank also a good alternative corporate gifts nowadays. The smart phone users are increasing every year and most of the time the battery of the phone are not sufficient for a daily use. Power bank definitely come in handy on this situation. Thus, it make great promotional gifts too.
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