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5 Great Cities for Budding International Marketers

5 Great Cities for Budding International Marketers - Chicago skyline

Where can you find the best marketers?

Today’s post comes courtesy of business contributors Magnus Keith and Donald Turner

Marketing is the process of telling potential consumers about the value of a product or brand. Although it is similar to advertising, marketing is a slightly different field within the business industry. As an increasing number of students pursue marketing degrees, some individuals are worried that their city is no longer the ideal place to find a career. Thankfully, there are many incredible locations that are perfect for budding international marketers.

Read on for five of the top cities around the world that offer the right blend of multinational corporations, high employment rates and youthful populations that are suitable for new international marketing professionals.

New York City

There are several reasons why the Big Apple is routinely listed as one of the top cities in world for marketers. It is home to a staggering number of international businesses, it boasts a variety of cultural and historic attractions and it offers more SEO marketing job opportunities than anywhere else in the United States. There are lots of entry-level career opportunities, making it suitable for someone who just has a bachelor’s degree and has not yet racked up significant experience in the workplace.


For many international marketing professionals, getting abroad and working with a multinational corporation is a big goal. Without fluency in a second language, however, options can be limited for marketers. In London, English is the spoken language and there are many major international marketing campaigns going on at any given time. London is home to major marketing companies like James Walter Thompson and Ogilby & Mather, and there are many entertainment and tourism marketing positions available as well. [Editor's note: Also check out our in-depth article on London]

San Jose, California

The reason that San Jose, California makes this list is primarily because it is home to a number of large and constantly growing technological corporations. Companies like Hewlett-Packard, eBay and Apple are all located in the San Jose area, meaning that there are plenty of marketing and promotion opportunities nearby. Even those who are unable to find work in the major three companies will have career possibilities nearby at the smaller competitors that call San Jose home.

Chicago, Illinois

Like New York City, Chicago is a major metropolis in the United States. The city offers thousands of job opportunities in areas like social networking, international marketing campaigns and market research analysis. Unlike New York, however, Chicago is an affordable city. This makes the city ideal for those in search or entry-level jobs, and it is also perfect for anyone on a budget who is still trying to pay off student loans.

Hong Kong

Although much of the world is undergoing an economic crisis, Asian cities like Hong Kong are still thriving. This makes it easier than ever to find international marketing careers, and salaries are far beyond what most entry-level positions would pay in the United States. Some of the major corporations currently hiring marketing positions in Hong Kong include Cathay Pacific Airways, China Unicom, Swire Pacific, HSBC and Jardine Matheson. Although Cantonese language skills are certainly not a necessity, they can help international marketers become qualified for a greater number of careers. Taxes in Hong Kong are also far lower than in the United States, making it a great place to save money.

International marketers who are just starting their careers can choose from hundreds of cities for their first jobs. The five major cities listed above, however, are some of the top destinations for securing a great career and enjoying a high quality of life.


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