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5 Direct Mail Marketing Tips for Holidays

5 Direct Mail Marketing Tips for Holidays - Mailbox

Direct mail can be an effective tool

Today’s post comes courtesy of business contributor Roger Pahuriray

The holidays are a special time. If you have not yet started planning a direct mail marketing campaign, you have best be getting a move on. The holidays are a great time for you to do some promotional activities for your brand and product offering. The holidays are also a time when customers are really looking to purchase items. Thus, it is important to make sure that you get a fair share of that holiday market.

Before you start sending out the usual holiday postcards and catalogues, it is important to note that you are not the only company who will be sending out mailers to their prospective clients. Other companies would also like to promote their products and/or services and secure their share of the holiday market. Thus, it is important to make your direct mail package stand out. Here’s how to achieve that.

Holiday Design

Enlist the help of a direct mail marketing company. They can greatly help in terms of design to make your mailer look appropriate for the occasion. Also, direct mail marketing companies offer lettershop services that speed up the packaging process and ensure that your mailer has all the right components.

Dimensional Mailers

As stated earlier, yours won’t be the only company that will be sending out direct mail to clients. When your potential client finds a stack of ad mailers in his mailbox, their tendency is to just chuck it out. But if your mailer has bulk or is three-dimensional, your customer will be curious about what it is. That’s the opening you need. Dimensional mailers naturally cost more but the profits they generate make them worth it. Most direct mail companies offer holiday discounts which could greatly help you in terms of costs.

Give Your Customers Something to be Excited About

Attract them with discounts, freebies or special deals. Create a sense of anticipation by adding special contest prizes which they can win if they avail of your product or service.

Reward Your Loyal Customers

This season is about giving after all. Reward your loyal customers with discounts, freebies or exclusive deals. For example, if you have a customer who purchased an mp3 player last year, offer them a huge discount on this year’s latest model. If you sell clothes, offer a discount on your most popular pieces or on next season’s collection. This will make your customers feel valued and will ensure that they will be your clients for a long time. These can also help bring back clients who looked elsewhere last year.

QR Codes

The advent of QR codes present many retail possibilities. You can instruct your lettershop services provider to include QR codes in your mailer representing a free small product that your clients can claim when they scan and send it to you. You can also arrange a scavenger hunt with these QR codes. Have your clients scan as many QR codes as possible. When they rack up a certain number of points, reward them with prizes which may include freebies, discounts, tickets, etc. This will make shopping more fun and exciting for your customer base.


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