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5 Branding Tips to Increase Business

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In today’s super competitive market, businesses are all doing what they can to stay ahead of the competition. It takes more than just good ideas, top service, and high quality products. There are a number of steps businesses must take if they want to stay afloat, and even more if they want to be at the top of their industry. One important step that all businesses must take, whether it’s a company selling chocolate or one that provides professional maids, is to build a strong brand. Building a strong brand means that your customers and prospective customers have strong, positive associations with your brand whether they are qualities like durability, fashionableness, or longevity. Below are five branding tips to increase business.

TIP #1 – Utilize social media, but use it wisely.

The importance of social media cannot be overstated. Your customers are spending less time watching television and more time on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram. That means that commercials on TV are less necessary, but tweets and Facebook posts are increasingly important. Use your Facebook account etc. to build your brand by posting links to relevant information and positioning yourself as an expert. Be careful not to do too much self promotion – your followers and friends will tire of you that way.

TIP #2 – Be consistent in your color schemes.

When choosing the colors you want to use to promote your business, be sure to pick them carefully and then to use them often. Make sure you do not choose more than three or four colors, and that you use the same shades etc. instead of changing them. Choose colors that represent the image and reputation you are trying to create. For example, if you are selling baby gear, go with softer colors. If you are selling cars, bolder colors will work better. Once you have chosen your colors, make them synonymous with your brand by using them on all of your materials – including your social media accounts!

TIP #3 – Use a well designed, appropriate logo.

Just like your colors will build your brand, so will your logo. Think about some of your favorite brands and about how when you think of them, you also picture their logos. Make sure your logo represents your company, is easily recognizable, and does not look like any of your competitors’ or any famous logos. You do not want to confuse your customers with your logo – you want your logo to distinguish you.

TIP #4 – Find your company’s voice.

Whether your company employs one person, a hundred people, or a thousand, it is important that you use a consistent voice in all of your messaging. Many companies have a Director of Communications for just that reason. But you don’t need a position like that if you are a small organization or business, just an understanding of what your company’s voice is. It can be helpful to create a fictional customer – or two, male and female – and direct all of your communications to that one person. Ask yourself if that person would respond to your advertisement, email, or tweet. By speaking just to the one “person,” you will maintain a specific voice and tone.

TIP #5 – Ask for feedback.

As you develop your company’s social media accounts, brand colors, logo, and voice, make sure you keep your eye on how customers are responding and adjust as necessary.

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Julianne Parrish is a freelance writer that specializes in marketing and advertising. She writes for sites featuring single script open signs technology, that help companies drum up new business. In her free time she enjoys reading and spending time with her daughter.

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