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4 Tips on Keeping Your Work Emails Professional

How to Keep Your Work Emails Professional - Email Page in Outlook

Keep it professional

It’s so easy to inadvertently advertise our private lives and thoughts when it comes to social media. Celebrities post pictures and say inappropriate things on their social media all the time. We may not be celebrities but everything from work emails to a Facebook post can also put us in positions to apologise, or face a lifetime of ribbing and embarrassment. For these reasons one of the areas we need to pay more attention to is the content of our emails at work.

It just takes common sense when sending a mail to only reply to the person sending it to you; however it’s often the case of hitting ‘reply to all’ and ending up with egg on the face. Even then, work emails are easily re-circulated when sent to just one person, so you need to be very careful of what is and is not appropriate to discuss in work emails.


Discussing your boss in emails at work, even when you need to vent, is not professional at all. If there is an issue, rather take it up with your boss in a private setting. It is common knowledge the writing something down does not really convey emotion that well and something quite simple and innocent can lead to serious retribution, if it’s taken in the wrong context. Discretion is the key when it comes to emails at work.


It is essential that you remember humour has its time and place. You may feel that it is unfair to sensor someone’s sense of humour, but in the workplace it is easy enough to put someone’s nose out of joint if they don’t like your humour. Very often this point is directed to lewd and crude humour. Everyone has a sense of humour but there is a line that can easily be crossed when it comes to sending crude humour in work emails. Distasteful humour is not always well received, and definitely not in a professional setting.

Office Affairs

If you’re married or flirting with a married colleague, you need to make a point of cutting it off. Affairs in the office, even between single people, do not need to be carried out over work emails. As mentioned before, there is a time and place for everything and this kind of thing will come back to bite you, badly.

Party Updates

We all have our fun over the weekends and often discuss our weekend or holiday activities, but when people are into taking illegal substances and drinking themselves into comas; it’s not great for work protocol when people send out newsletters detailing their antics and what happened. Work life should remain separate from personal lives. The kinds of details spelled out in work emails leave a bitter taste with management, and don’t make you look like good promotion material.

There are many other factors to take into account when taking work emails into account. Not doing anything illegal, spending all the time on social media, and online shopping are a few other activities that don’t leave a good impression. Keep the work emails professional and the shopping for when you get home. Online shops are open 24/7.

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