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4 Productivity Boosting Tools for Mobile Entrepreneurs

4 Productivity Boosting Tools for Mobile Entrepreneurs - Cafe

On the go? Get some technological help with these tools.

Today’s post comes courtesy of TechBreach staff writer Pearlie Davis

With the number of mobile businesses on the rise, the days of entrepreneurs being confined to a fixed location in order to conduct business has all but come to an end. Thanks to technological advancements, entrepreneurs can now easily engage in business while they travel or run their day to day errands. However, these owners need time saving productivity tools in order for their businesses to remain profitable by allowing them to perform tasks faster.

These tools allow entrepreneurs to easily complete tasks while waiting for a client, while in a coffee shop, or on the plane waiting for take-off. The selection of available tools is as numerous as the tasks that mobile-centric entrepreneurs need to perform each day. If you’re looking to start a business, here are some of the innovative tools that you might want to check out when developing your productivity arsenal.

1. Remember the Milk

The rise of business apps like to-do lists, appointment schedulers and other apps that save time, lower costs and crank up the productivity have become a great way for entrepreneurs to stay organized throughout the day. Best of all, most of these apps are free or cost only a few bucks. Remember the milk is a to-do list app that provides a choice of SMS or email reminders for tasks and manages them both on and offline.

2. Mobile Payment Processing

One of the best mobile tools for entrepreneurs to take advantage of is some sort of mobile payment processing. With Square or intuit merchant service, you can take payments with your cell phone or tablet by connecting a card reader to your device and scanning credit or debit cards like normal.

 3. Evernote

This cloud-based note-taking application can be used in meetings for note taking. Notes can be taken in a variety of formats including email, desktop mobile app and browser bookmarklets. Voice notes can also be recorded. Evernote’s also capable of storing scanned business cards and converting printed materials, saved searches and can create multiple notebooks and also tag individual entries. Evernote has a free version, as well as a $5 monthly or $45 annual subscription.

4. FreshBooks

Hiring an accountant isn’t always feasible but if you don’t keep track of business expenses, there’s a good chance that could run into tax problems or other FreshBooks is a cloud accounting software package that allows you to access all of your accounting information from your smartphone, tablet or laptop. This makes it easy to track business expenses while you’re traveling.

All of these tools can help take your mobile business to the next level. The organizational and scanning capability of applications can greatly improve the efficiency of businesses at every step of the sales cycle. Try some of them out and consider how your business can benefit and increase productivity to improve efficiency of your business through mobile technology.

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Pearlie Davis is a staff writer for TechBreach, a popular site that provides up-to-date news, commentary, and reviews on electronics and popular mobile devices.


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3 Responses to “4 Productivity Boosting Tools for Mobile Entrepreneurs”

  1. March 13, 2013 at 6:41 am #

    Add another to that list: product catalog apps.

    Really useful for boosting sales teams effectiveness, especially if you have a large catalog and need CRM integration with your product information.

    Upload your product range to one central location, view product range on any device your employees or customers use.

    More here: http://hub.productworld.com/bid/275888/Mobile-productivity-tools-10-enterprise-mobile-trends-Infographic

  2. December 1, 2013 at 11:35 pm #

    Great tips. I am mobile entrepreneur and was searching something similar. Will follow them up for sure.


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