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4 Important Things to Remember When Shipping Goods Abroad

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Know how to ship overseas.

Shipping goods abroad can be a stressful affair especially if you are not prepared. The procedures are very complex and you will need the help of experts along the way. If you are planning on shipping any goods abroad, below are some things you need to keep in the back of your mind.

Be Selective

On this point; it is vital that you select a reliable and experienced shipping company to handle your freight. If for example you plan to ship your car, ensure to work with a shipping company that is experienced in this type of work. Your car is a valuable possession and you will want to confident that the shipping company that you hire is competent in handling this work. Additionally, shipping companies have different tariffs. The money you will pay to ship your items will vary from one shipping company to the other.

Delays are Common

When shipping items abroad, there are chances that your shipment may experience some delays. These delays are actually very common but they need to be handled well. Delays may be caused by natural factors like poor weather and natural disasters or other man made factors like incomplete documentation. To ensure that you don’t experience a lot of delays in shipment, make sure you fill all the paperwork and in the correct manner.

Packing is Essential

All the goods that you are shipping abroad also need to be packed properly. Packing services are also offered by shipping companies especially those who specialise in shipping of personal effects. The goods also need to be labeled appropriately before shipping. You can get this service from your shipping company of choice.

Sea or Air?

When Shipping goods abroad, you can choose between sea and air freight. Your decision will depend on the time, cost and product being shipped. Air freight is quite costly but it offers faster delivery times. Sea shipment may not be very suitable for delicate items which can’t be stored in containers for days.


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Pady Spratt is Sales Manager of AA Economy Freight Worldwide with a head office based in Dublin, Ireland. AA Economy Freight was formed in 1988. The Irish shipping company provides personal effects and excess baggage Irish shipping service as well as freight forwarding, worldwide car shipping, international air, sea and European road freight with door to door and door to port, as well as storage space in Dublin, mini moves/house moves and embassy diplomatic mail and cargo delivery/handling.

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