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4 Golden Rules to Maximize Productivity


Follow the rules.

Do you remember the time when we had only few products to choose from, few employees to monitor and only one task to implement? Don’t worry, nobody remembers.

As the world got more complex, our decision-making and time-management got even more difficult. Sure, there are thousands of articles giving tips on how to handle it. But do they really help?

So why am I writing yet another productivity tricks article if they don´t help. Firstly, I am not going to give you magic tricks that promise to help everyone in every situation. Secondly, I think inside this information overflow we have missed the most crucial rules. These golden rules are so simple, that we seemed to have forgotten them. Our brain is use to resolve such complex problems that we forgot how much is 5 times 6. Therefore, let me remind you that:

1. The rise of technology produced rapidly rising mountain of information. And this mountain keeps on growing.

This means that in any certain time of the day there is more information out there, than you could ever consume. This also includes all the productivity tricks articles and others that help you achieve your objectives (so thanks that you have come across with this blog post).

There are so many new market trends emerging, techniques to be used and inventions to become acquainted. But most importantly, as your company operates continuously, there are so many people to communicate with. What is more, each person possesses valuable information that is connected to his or hers area of expertise. Undoubtedly, it is not possible to know and understand everything that goes on. But the first step is realizing that there is no human way you could possibly know everything and read everything.

2. The biggest competition is not in the product or service market, it is in the time market. Every single person has 86400 seconds in their day and not even one second more.

And yes, this also includes you. It does not matter whether you run Coca-Cola or a small start-up, You still do not have more time than everybody else. Yet, there are number of people that get more done. You probably have read their success stories.

How do they do it? They stay focused. The fact is that you have certain priorities that might not match the priorities of your team members. This means that at the same time when you are more than happy to sacrifice extra minutes or hours to work, it does not denote that they will do the same. You are competing with time that is already scarce and overplanned.

3. There is no stop button on time. The days are passing and all you can do is fulfill them with purpose.

Know your why. Before starting to do anything else, know your why. When reading the newspaper or looking for a book to read, know what you are looking for. It is impossible to orientate in the field of information with the limited amount of time you have given if you do not know what you are looking for.

Define the objective and write it down. This will help you achieve the vision. Use online tools that help you monitor your progress and report weekly what was done and what still needs to be done. This will help you stay focused and keep away distraction. The whole world is packed with compelling distractions, your job is to know which direction to take.

4. You can never do it alone. But you are able to get other´s attention and time if you give them more of what they want.

This rounds up everything I talked about in the beginning. The world is becoming more complex. At this current moment, there is more information out there than it was one minute ago. Meaning, you are consistently competing with time to get your things done and gain the attention of your desired target group.

It is easy to be productive if you depend only on yourself. When the game changes and others come to picture, the rules change as well. You need to give something. Whether it is a piece of advice to your followers, paycheck to your employees, valuable products to your customers, you need to contribute.

All in all, people face challenging but exciting times. The rapidly rising tidal wave of information is out there and it is your job to find the necessary content. The minutes in the day are counted, they don´t magically appear, it is your job to use it wisely. The world is becoming more complicated and once again, it is your job to make sense of it and gain people´s attention.

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Külli is currently working at Weekdone, where she is focused on introducing the easiest and most efficient weekly reporting tool to the world. She likes to write about time management, productivity and employee engagement.  

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