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3 Lessons From Customer Service Stars Around the World

3 Lessons from Customer Service Stars Around the World - Zappos Team

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Customer service is found in many nations, in every corner of the world, and in all shapes and sizes, from banks of customer service agents for multi-national brands to the single man operating in the marketplace.  We’ve taken a look at some recent interesting stories of customer service excellence.

Zappos in America

In America, the customer service bar is often set by online shoe retailer Zappos, and its fanatical customer service.  One service call lasted nearly nine hours simply because Zappos wanted to get it right.  But perhaps the best story is the case of a man who ordered shoes for a wedding, and he needed them in a timely manner, as he was the best man.  As he prepared to catch his flight to the wedding destination, a delay with the shipping company meant he couldn’t get his shoes in time for the flight.  He placed a call to Zappos, hoping they could re-route the package to his destination to prevent him from looking woefully out of place.

After calling, the customer was delighted to hear that the company would overnight a pair of shoes to his destination free of charge.  Also free of charge were the shoes themselves.  Zappos also gave the customer free overnight shipping for life just as a token of appreciation.  This above and beyond customer service is the main reason Zappos is a leader in customer service in America.

Movenpick in Africa

On the other side of the globe, in Africa, one blogger had his experience with the Movenpick in Cairo, Egypt turned around after a poor initial experience.  After struggling with checking in, Internet connectivity, phones, and a rather disturbing can of insecticide ready for action on the dresser, this blogger took his issues online, and voiced that he would likely be checking in at a different hotel the next time he was in Cairo.

However, to the Movenpick’s credit, they were monitoring their brand online.  As soon as his post went live, the hotel management team quickly stepped up and remedied the situation, offering additional services and an upgraded room.  This quick reaction to a bad situation saved a customer and reclaimed a poor review, at very little cost.  The Movenpick showed that while first impressions matter, a sincere effort to make things better can save the day.

Sainbury’s in the UK

In the UK, grocery chain Sainsbury’s let a three-year-old girl make a product naming decision.  After noting that “tiger bread” looked more like “giraffe bread,” her mother posted her letter to Sainsbury’s online, where it caught social steam.  A representative from the store wrote back, noting her keen observation and sending a gift card.  Later, the name was indeed changed to giraffe bread at all stores.

Great things happen when a company is willing to listen and go the extra mile.  These companies all created a great story for their brand and satisfied customers.  Are you listening to your customers?  Companies like those above use customer surveys to identify the areas where they need to go the extra mile.  Without customer research, you may be unknowingly committing resources that could be used elsewhere to an area that doesn’t even matter to your customers.  If you want to know what your customers want, simply ask them!


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