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3 Keystones of Ergonomics to Maximize Your Productivity

3 Keystones of Ergonomics to Maximize Your Productivity - Glowing Ergonomic Keyboard

You can't work efficiently if you're constantly uncomfortable

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Ergonomics is the science of understanding how human beings relate to working environments. The main aim of ergonomics is to design the workplace to suit the capabilities and needs of employees. The principal benefit or ergonomics is the optimization of workplace processes and programs. You are more likely to appreciate the importance of ergonomics if you understand its scope.

To start with, ergonomics covers a wide range of factors that facilitate the process of fitting work to people including safety, comfort, usability, and productivity. As such, it enables employers to invest in equipment and work processes that are safe and effective. For instance, ergonomics can determine if work equipment is likely to affect how factors such as noise and temperature influence employees’ productivity. Ergonomics can also establish the appropriate way to present data in the workplace in order to increase the level of information retention among your employees.

The scope of ergonomics encompasses the following three key categories:

Cognitive Ergonomics

Cognitive ergonomics refers to the scientific study of various functions of the human brain, such as the ability to processes information, memory capacity, and the ability to make decisions. You can use the study of these factors to equip yourself with information on how to optimize workplace information processing and data transfer channels in order to improve organizational performance.

You can also commission studies in cognitive ergonomics in order to collect data on how workers interact with various types of information collection and presentation devices such as computers. Such data can elucidate the capability and capacity of employees to operate complex computer systems and expose gaps in employee knowledge and skill.

Physical Ergonomics

This is the study of how the human body interacts with tools and machines at the workplace. The benefits of physical ergonomics range from the provision of information of how workplace seats affect employees’ posture to safety issues of industrial machines. If you want to promote a safe and healthy environment in your organization, you should consider commissioning studies in physical ergonomics.

Business Process Ergonomics

This is the scientific analysis of various performance-related organizational processes. This analysis is important because it can give you an indication of how your various performance optimization strategies such as employee motivation, teamwork can be improved or redesigned to achieve better results.

Overall, ergonomic studies operate on the premise that the ability of employees’ physical and mental capacity, the demands of their jobs and the working environment shape their ability to perform their duties effectively. You can apply ergonomics in your organization if you want to inculcate important values such employee satisfaction.

In order to reap the benefits of different types of ergonomics, you need to hire a professional ergonomist. Even though ergonomics have become popular in the past two decades, most people still ask; what is ergonomics? For this reason, there are few qualified ergonomists. However, some companies such as Ergo-NOW have highly qualified personnel who can work hand in hand with other professionals such as engineers to create a comfortable and secure workplace for you.

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