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10 Tips on Engaging Your Employees

10 Tips on Engaging Your Employees - Manager of the Office

Engage your employees and they will follow you anywhere.

The business world of today is one of turbulent motion, constant change and demand. It requires a careful touch from a good leader to make a company rise above the others. In this, an administrator knowing the basic needs of his employees and the reasons for their behavior will be what makes all the difference in the world. Talent should be recognized, commitment should be gained and the motivation of employees company-wide should be encouraged through more than just company propaganda and motivational posters.

All in all when it comes down to it the essence of motivation lies in catering to the needs of the many by the actions of the few. What can you do to stimulate the overall morale of your employees? We hope these tips will help you on your way:

Understanding human behavior

The majority of people at work will instinctively behave in a defensive manner, rather than an open one. It all depends on how they are being treated and what is expected of them. Humans are emotional beings and praise and criticism have equal importance in how they perform. The best way to go about this is to attempt to influence their behavior rather than their personalities. You can’t expect people to change, only to adapt to requirements as much as they can.

Meet their basic needs

The most important aspects of a job without which people will simply not feel satisfied are working conditions, salary and job security. Making sure these are delivered properly and on time is essential to morale. If they are covered you will have a chance to see increased productivity and motivation, leading to better results and growth.

Recognize talent

This is essential to how the psyche works – the majority of people out there like being appreciated for their efforts. It is a good feeling to have their hard work recognized and praised, as this encourages them to do their best at what they do. Positive reassurance can work wonders under the right circumstances.

Listen and take note

As part of being a manager you will need to do exactly that. It is your job to know the motivation, attitudes and opinions of those working under your leadership. Keeping an open door policy will encourage honesty and you will have less trouble connecting with your employees.

Building confidence

More or less everyone is a bit insecure at any given time. There are many types of anxiety and that anxiety is what directly affects the motivation of your employees. The best way to counteract that natural trait is to build confidence in those working with you. Provide them with important tasks will the full information needed and you will see them take responsibility for something truly worth doing.

Encouraging contact

Part of being a leader means being there for people’s opinions, criticisms and questions. You cannot hide behind a curtain or a closed door and expect to connect with those you work with. If you want to earn the respect of your employees you will need to reach to their level. Building rapport with your staff is just as important as building it with your clients.

Use strategies and plans

This type of thinking should be encouraged in your workplace. If you have a clear plan on what needs to be done, you’ll be able to explain the part of everyone and how it all connects. Knowing this and being part of a larger whole will boost morale across the board.

Trust is a key

One of the best ways to stimulate your employees is to let them know they can really trust you. Transparency and clear decision-making should be approached with a collaborative spirit. Developing that trust is something that must be achieved over a period of time.

Passing on decisions

Decision-making is important in a work environment, but passing it down the chain allows you to reduce the pressure off your back. Doing so will also encourage the employees by giving them the vote of confidence. If they adopt their own working methods they might even be more efficient, leading to better results. It is your job to be the judge of that by keeping an eye on progress.

Overall appraisal

When you decide to assess how the staff performed you should always ensure the end result will be a positive one. The motivation of your employees largely depends on their sense of self-worth. Give them something to rally behind, such as realistic goals, listening to their opinions and positive feedback. Without those you will encounter reduced productivity and lack of motivation.

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